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Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Running Shoes


*I received a pair of Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 running shoes for my honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% my own

In life, we all have things or activities that help keep us motivated and moving forward to be better. As a single mother of two boys, I rarely have time to myself. However, I recently trained for and ran in my first half marathon.

Balancing work and my boys is hard enough, so you might wonder why I would be crazy enough to add in training that requires long runs and one more thing to add to my already long to do list. Well, for me, running is my outlet. It allows me time to hit the pavement, listen to music, and release my stresses from the day. Plus it gives me something that is all my own, and a goal to work towards. As mothers, we seem to always put the needs of our children and others first, but sometimes we need to say “enough is enough” and do something for ourselves. We deserve it!

Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Running Shoes

I trained for my half marathon wearing the Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 shoes, and they have been amazing!

These shoes are so incredibly light that you almost feel like you are running barefoot. However, they offer the comfort and support that you need to stay injury free.

Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Running Shoes

As a runner for most of my life, I have always had difficulty with tying my shoes so that they are tight enough but not too tight. The Zoot Ultra Race shoes have a BOA closure system that helps to lock your foot into place. You simply push down on a button and twist to quickly tighten your shoes to the exact feeling that you need. It is like having a pair of shoes that are custom fit for your feet. These shoes would be great for a person who runs triathlons because they allow you to quickly transition into them.

Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Running Shoes

I also love the bright colors. I get compliments every time I wear them, and I love being fashionable when running. I mean, you have to look cute, right?! I have also never run without wearing socks, but these shoes are so breathable, and allow me to run sock free for the first time ever. They have such a tight fit, and are very comfortable.    

While running this past weekend, I had my headphones in and for me, I was going to get 2 hours of quiet time!!! If you are a runner, you have to consider trying the Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 shoes. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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