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Wordless Wednesday | Allergic to the Camera?


children won't look at the camera

You would think my children are allergic to the camera because every opportunity I receive to take a picture with them, turns out like this.

One day they will both look at the same time.. won’t they?


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Hi! I'm Amanda, a Kansas City Lifestyle Blogger, mom of two little people, social media addict, travel junkie with a slight obsession to baking and fitness.

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  • Too funny! I think my grandson is allergic too. I can never get him to look at the camera, much less actually SMILE!
  • kids just EAT up the camera! I do have a few grandkids now who are a bit camera shy. Usually it is the mom who hates pictures. hey, I know how important it is to have mom pictures with their kids. I never had many taken as I was always behind the camera. If I were you, I would not be above bribing. LOL!
  • lol. that is how my son is too! I don't think I will ever get a picture of both of my kids looking at the same time :)
  • I too have problems getting a good photo Seems my daughter inherited my ability to close my eyes at precisely the time the picture is taken.
  • Hey, at least YOU are in the picture... I have a lot that have just the kids but if you looked through you'd hardly know I exist, LOL!
  • Haha that's one of the most challenging tasks as a parent - trying to get your kids to cooperate for a picture...
  • Lol! I have the same problem with my girls! I get so bummed that I just can't get a good picture of them! I guess you can look back and laugh at the moment though! :)
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