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If you caught my last post about New Year’s resolutions, then you know that my goal for 2017 is to work on my health. Not just fitness goals, but my biggest goal is to lower my body fat.

I’ve always been focused on my fitness goals, but kind of left the thought about my body fat on the back burner. It wasn’t until a recent routine blood test showed some concerns that needed to be addressed. Nothing serious, but all things that could easily be fixed by lowering my body fat.

This is why the Body Cardio scale is my favorite health gadget right now. 


Body fat is a tricky thing to measure and different tools will often give you different readings. But, if you stick with one tool to use for your data it will become just that… a data point. 

The Body Cardio scale will give you a deep insight of what is going on in your body, not only with the body fat, but it will even give you a breakdown of the water percentage, the muscle mass and the bone mass in your body. These things are super important when the number on a scale doesn’t want to move.

A Weight Scale That Does More For Your Health - Withings Body Cardio


Let’s say the number on the scale isn’t moving and you feel like you are doing everything right. Perhaps your sodium has been a little high, the water percentage will tell you this. Perhaps you are gaining muscle and losing fat at the same rate, there won’t be a change in the number on your scale, but the Body Cardio scale can tell you these things. This is huge when it comes to monitoring your progress.

There are so many other things that the Body Cardio scale can do too, many which I’m still digging into. Some of these things include a heart rate reading with insights of your arterial health, setting weight goals and managing your calorie budget with the integrated nutrition tracking.

A Weight Scale That Does More For Your Health - Withings Body Cardio

I’m a data nerd and seeing my results beyond the scale is motivating, and gives me a better understanding of my results and progress. This is where the Body Cardio’s Health Mate App comes into play. 

All of my weigh ins are automatically synced into the app and each day I can find graphs showing me progress. So far, in my experience with the scale, my weight has stayed stable and I have gained 2 pounds of muscle. If I had looked at a scale without this knowledge, my first reaction would be to grumble, get frustrated and give up. Surely, I’m not alone with this.

Knowledge is power and having an insight of my health with this kind of detailed information is just amazing. This is information that will help me succeed and information that I can bring back to my doctor for my next visit. 

A Weight Scale That Does More For Your Health - Withings Body Cardio

If you are working on your health goals, give a look into the Body Cardio scale. 

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