Healthy New Years Resolutions : The Key to Success


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The tree has come down, the horns have been blown and we are well into the new year. For many of us, this means that we are now trying to focus on our resolutions. Every year, my resolution seems to be focused on the same thing… health. Whether it’s losing weight, working on a fitness goal, or even just working on a certain aspect of my health, making a resolution to do these things always seems to turn out badly. 

Why is this? Are we focusing on the wrong things? Making unrealistic goals for ourselves and ultimately setting up for failure? Maybe we aren’t using the right tools to help us achieve those goals?

This year, I decided to set myself up for success and wanted to share my resolutions with you. 

Healthy New Years Resolutions : The Key to Success - Withings Body Cardio Scale

Focusing on the scale, a number, can be discouraging. You jump into the gym, workout hard core and eat right. After a week of this, you step on the scale and see no changes at all. Big fat bummer, right? Then what happens, you stop going to the gym, you go back to your eating ways and say all well. 

So, how about taking a deeper look into your health goals. After being on my own journey for several years, I’ve learned to look beyond the number on your scale. By tracking your body fat, you can get a deeper look into what is going on with your body and your health. For example, last year, I virtually stayed at the same weight. I went to the gym every day, lifted weights, did cardio and did everything that should have made the number on my scale drop. If I hadn’t tracked my body fat, my journey would have stopped and I would have been discouraged. 

Let me show you this and please be gentle… This is 183 lbs. In both pictures.

Healthy New Years Resolutions : The Key to Success - Withings Body Cardio Scale

I still have a lot to go… this is why my health is once again, a New Year’s resolution and will continue to be a long term goal. My focus this year is to continue working on body fat loss and my cardio vascular health. To do this, I’m using the Body Cardio scale. 

Healthy New Years Resolutions : The Key to Success - Withings Body Cardio Scale

The Body Cardio scale is not only the thinnest scale on the market, it’s also the most advanced. With a simple step onto the scale, I can get a full body composition and it will sync my results to the Health Mate App. 

Healthy New Years Resolutions : The Key to Success - Withings Body Cardio Scale


Here are some of the other features of the Body Cardio scale:

  • Provides Heart Rate and unique insights into arterial health with Pulse Wave Velocity assessments
  • Track weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus muscle and bone mass
  • Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget with integrated nutrition tracking
  • Automatic profile recognition and recording of measurements for up to 8 different people
  • High-accuracy measurements via Position Control ™ technology
  • Features a solid aluminum base, heat-tempered glass, and the ability to be accurate on any surface
  • Battery lasts up to one year and is rechargeable (comes with charging cord)
  • Syncs with the Health Mate app (iOS & Android)

I’m really excited about this journey in 2017 to a better health. If you are on this same journey, or even looking to hop back on with new health goals, I hope that you will join me!

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