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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Last week, in my Cascade Ambassador announcement post, I let you all in on my dirty little secret about keeping the dishes clean in my home.

I received samples in the mail of the new Cascade Platinum Gel Packs to try out and share my thoughts.

Keep reading to see how well they worked and find out about an Instagram contest!

Cascade Platinum

I’ve never had a problem with streaking or films on my dishes. My problem lies within the food that is stuck to dishes that are left in the sink over night.

You can try explaining the process of rinsing your dishes to my family, they may listen for day or two.

My biggest pet peeve about doing dishes is having to pre scrub dishes to get the food off and then washing them in the dishwasher. What is the purpose of having a dishwasher if you have to wash them twice?

My older detergent could never get the job done and always left oatmeal and spaghetti sauce crusted to the bowls.

Could the Cascade Platinum Gel Packs hold up to the claim of removing 24 hour stuck-on food?

Here are a few things that I learned about Cascade Platinum Packs before trying them…

  • Triple action formula helps to prevent residue on dishes and film on the machine.
  • Scrubs away 24 hour stuck-on-food.
  • Has the grease fighting power of Dawn

Cascade Platinum

Firstly, I love the little gel packs that the Cascade Platinum comes as. Just pop one into your detergent caddy, close the door and wash as normal.

I’ve been using the Cascade Platinum Packs for just under a week now, 2 loads a day, and have noticed a notable difference in the cleaning ability.

It’s a plus that I have not had to pre rinse/scrub my dishes and so far and there has not been any food left behind on my bowls.

We have hard water and there is a lot of build up on our dishwasher. The Cascade Platinum Packs have a specially designed chelant and polymer system that helps to prevent hard water film on dishes and the inside of your wall. So we cleaned up the dishwasher and put the Cascade Platinum Gel Packs to the test.

Since using the Cascade Platinum Gel Packs, I haven’t noticed a build up as of yet. It’s been a little under a week of testing and I would like to test a little longer before making a claim that this has helped. But so far so good!

Cascade has partnered with Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons. Watch Top Chef host Gail Simmons discuss how she uses Cascade Platinum to make sure her dishes sparkle!


Cascade Platinum Instagram Contest

Cascade wants you to show off your sparkling dishes, silverware and glassware and for doing so, they are giving you a chance to win a Kitchenaid Kitchen makeover AND a year supply of Cascade!

Snap a photo of your favorite meal on a sparkling “My Platinum Plate”, and enter to win the contest.

More Details

  • Each week will have a new theme, follow the theme from the schedule below to see what kind of pictures you will need to snap
  • Upload your pictures to Instagram and tag it with #MyPlatinum

Each week, two lucky entrants will receive a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher!


  • Week 1 (6/3-6/9):  Show us your best dish styled from the sparking plate up
  • Week 2 (6/10-6/16):  Show us your best bite and most creative use of sparkling silverware! 
  • Week 3 (6/17-6-23):  Show us how you serve up creative concoctions in sparkling glasses! 
  • Week 4 (6/24-6/30):  Show us your sparkling tablescape for your most special celebrations!

 For the full contest details, visit

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