Why volleyball is a great sport for kids


Sometimes it can be tough finding a sport that suits your kids. With so much choice out there, how are you supposed to decide? Well, if your local sports club or children’s school has volleyball on offer, you should definitely think about getting your little ones involved. If you’ve never played volleyball yourself or aren’t really sure what it involves, then this blog will introduce you to all the benefits it can bring. 


There is always some risk of injury when playing a sport, but some a more dangerous than others. Activities like ice skating and gymnastics, for example, can carry some serious risks and the chances of your child breaking bones are much higher than in volleyball. The benefits of exercising far outweigh any scrapes and bruises your child might get from volleyball, so there’s no need to worry too much. Don’t forget, you can keep your kids extra safe by investing in some acevolleyballs guide on kneepads to reduce the impact of any bumps and falls.

Low cost

Sports can make a significant dent in your budget, especially if your kids decide to join a team or attend a class several times a week. If finances are a concern for you, then volleyball shouldn’t be too much of a strain on your household costs. You don’t really need any special equipment for it and sessions are very affordable, particularly for children. Just make sure your child is kitted out in something comfortable and they’re good to go.

Teaches teamwork

Volleyball is a team sport, so your child can learn some really valuable lessons about working with other children. These will not only help them on the court but in the classroom and throughout life as well. If your child is particularly shy and struggles to make friends, they might just come out of their shell when playing with their teammates on a regular basis. They may even get the chance to play with other clubs or schools, which will help them to further develop their communication skills.

Full-body workout

As a high-energy sport, you can be sure that your little one will come home thoroughly tired out. Not only will volleyball improve your child’s cardiovascular health, but it will help them to build up their muscles as well, making them fitter and stronger. They’ll be using their arms to launch the ball over the net while running up and down, working both their arms and legs. If your child later decides they want to take part in different kinds of sports, they’ll already have the stamina needed to succeed.

Promotes determination

Learning a new sport is never easy and it can teach your child the value of perseverance and determination. Their emotional regulation should improve in time as they learn to accept defeat and failure as a part of their overall development. They may also learn to stop comparing themselves to others and come to understand the value of supporting each individual on their own path.