Wholesome and Healthy Breakfast Options from Kellogg’s


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My pregnancy with Andrea started a craze about cereal in my home. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, there wasn’t a meal that went by when one of us  didn’t have a bowl of cereal.

My children love cereal too and sometimes that is the only thing I can get them to eat. Yes, I was blessed with picky eating children. But at least cereal is one thing I can get them to eat and at least it is good for them.

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When picking out cereal for my family, I try to select brands that aren’t full of sugar and are generally good for you. The kids have always loved Rice Krispies, my son tells me how cool it is that the cereal actually “talks” to him. My husband and I always turn to Raisin Bran.

When the recent initiative from Kellogg’s Start Simple Start Right came out, I became more aware of what my children and family were eating.



Some of Kellogg’s most popular cereals are made from simple ingredients, including Rice Krispies®, Corn Flakes®, Raisin Bran® and All-Bran® Original. By taking single grains that are harvested from various regions around the United States, Kellogg’s was able to create a variety of cereals that are made with seven or less common ingredients.

When I have to read every ingredient in order to make sure it’s peanut safe for my child, having less ingredients makes me more likely to purchase.

By using the seed to spoon approach, field to family, Kellogg’s ensures that you are getting the best in every bite.

Here are a few videos that I enjoyed that show how Kellogg’s uses the seed to spoon approach:



Some mornings cereal is the only thing that gets us up and going with a full belly. My daughter is in speech therapy, my son is in pre school, and I’m lucky if a shower is in my schedule for the morning. Cereal is quick, easy, and it’s an added bonus that I can sneak a little bit of milk into their morning.

I’m really happy to see that Kellogg’s has taken this initiative to make wholesome products that busy mom’s can feed their children. There are so many things that us moms worry about day to day, what we feed our children shouldn’t be one of them.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kellogg’s. I received sample products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.



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