Which Yogurt is the Best Greek Yogurt? Take the #TasteOff


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Up for a challenge? Consumers all over America have stepped up to take the Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challenge. Being a yogurt loving family, we had to join in!

My kids, specially our little girl, are yogurt fanatics. They would eat it 3 times a day, with every meal, if we would let them. So I knew they would be perfect subjects for our challenge.

Face it, kids are brutally honest! They were ready to tell us which Greek Yogurt was best.

Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challe

We brought out our subjects : Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry and Chobani Greek Yogurt with Blueberry fruit on the bottom.

Both packages were very well designed, though my first impression was leaning towards Chobani.

Andrea was excited to get going! None of us in the family have tasted Greek Yogurt before this was an unbiased opinion.

Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challe 
We didn’t have a method to our madness. Kids see past labels so we just put the two containers out on the table and told them to dig in.

My 6 year old boy wasn’t thrilled with Chobani, being texture sensitive I don’t think he enjoyed having real chunky blueberries mixed into the yogurt.

Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challe 
Andrea was pretty excited over the Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt! The Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt had fruit mixed in as well, though it wasn’t as concentrated like the Chobani.

I thought maybe my 6 year old would enjoy the Yoplait… so we switched.

Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challe 
Andrea dug into the Chobani like it was no one’s business. I thought this was going to be the winner for her!

Andrew just had enough and didn’t want to participate anymore.

So my husband and I stepped in to take the taste test challenge. I enjoyed the fruit from the Chobani, but enjoyed the sweetness from Yoplait Greek. My husband felt the same way.

Then before I could ask Andrea what her thoughts were…

Yoplait VS Chobani taste test challe

She had the Yoplait Greek Blueberry Yogurt back in her hand and finished off the rest.

Not knowing much about Greek Yogurt, I have learned that the Yoplait Greek Yogurt is made with natural colors, real pieces of fruit and made without the gunk of artificial sweeteners or flavors. This was a decent sized cup of yogurt and we all really enjoyed it!

Since our taste test challenge, I have taken our experience one step further with a few fun recipes using the Greek Yogurt.

Stay tuned for those in the coming week!

Try the better tasting Greek! In a national taste test, Yoplait® Greek Blueberry Beat Chobani® Blueberry Fruit On The Bottom. We think so too!

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