Which Parent Will Your Child Take After?



Since my children were born I always wondered which parent they would take after.

Andrew is clearly taking after daddy with his obsession for cars. My husband had the same obsession with cars when he was younger, though he took it a step further and used to read an atlas at the dinner table. In fact I still see him doing that, after a long drive home from vacation he will lay down on the floor with a road map to look over all the roads that we traveled on. My husbands love for cars and roads turned him into a highway designer.

Something tells me that Andrew will be following him closely with his love for cars. Andrew can spot out any car on the road and tell you exactly who’s car that looks like, no matter the year or color. He has a memory like none other, seeing someone’s car one time he will be able to point out that car even a week later in another parking lot.

Will he be a highway designer too? I just know this love for cars will follow him, but what will it bring?

This afternoon I caught Andrea playing in the kitchen with my hair coloring supplies, mixing a pretend bowl of color. She loves her hair bows just like mommy. My husband calls her “little Amanda”.

Is it bad that I really want her to be like me when she grows up?

I love the mystery of watching my children grow up. It makes life so interesting!

Does your child take after one parent more than the other?


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