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When is the Right Time To Shop for Winter?



Winter is coming and I’m thinking about boots and shoes.

Last year we waited until it got cold and the first snow came, boy was that a hit on our bank account! Stores love to get you for every penny when that first snow hits.

So I don’t think I could ever afford these boots for Andrea, but HOW stinkin adorable are they? I would love to get some baby Uggs for her Smile Having a girl can be a drain on your wallet!

Andrew loves to have fancy snow boots, last year he had to get the Buzz Light Year ones that lit up and you know I spent a pretty penny on those last minute! I tried to get some on sale after the season, you know how that went… when things go on sale they always have every size EXCEPT for the ones you need.

These are just my thoughts out loud today as I’m starting to shop for the holidays and for the winter weather.. Once the kids are done I supposed I should look through some mens boots as well, maybe surprise the husband with a pair.

Wouldn’t that be nice of me?

I hate buying winter apparel so early but I can never catch them on sale between the time they first come out and the time they are almost run out.

When do you start shopping for winter apparel items?




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  • I like to shop for winter in late November or during the after Christmas sales. I think those are the best times to catch sales. We live Louisiana, which is down south, so it starts getting cooler around October but not really cold until December, January, and February. Just buy the items large enough to get good wear from them.
  • I start shopping for winter apparel as soon as it comes out. I think the sales are better before it gets cold outside and I want to be prepared for what is coming.
  • I love Children's Place and I always hit their FABULOUS sales in January and stock up for next year. I know a lot of people cannot predict their kids sizes for the next year and Children's Place will not do exchanges or refunds a year later so it may not be the best option for some. For me it's worked out great! My son has always been the next size up the next year. Sometimes I have to roll up the sleeves or put a belt on him but they look good and he quickly fills them out. I usually spend about $40-50 at the most and get almost his entire wardrobe for the next year! I figure if one year he doesn't fit I will give them to Good Will but for all the times they have fit I couldn't lose even if one year they didn't.
  • Shoes and tops can usually be purchased ahead of time. Pants are the only things you really can't buy ahead of time. I have always bought boots, coats, and sweaters just after the holidays for my kids. I just buy them one size bigger then they are in right now. You can get awesome deals right after Christmas on just about all winter items. Around February they will go %75 off but they can get pretty picked over by then. Angela Michels
  • I agree I always shop last minute which means I always pay full price. I wish I could be consistent and keep watching and going until I see the sale, but with kids it just never seems to happen. I always say next year it will be different. But again it isn't :)
  • I'm with the last minute crowd. I usually don't buy clothes until I really need them. In Georgia, we don't really need winter gear until about this time of the year. Actually, I need to get a new sweater or two now!
  • They say the best time to shop for winter apparel is in February or March, when the spring merchandise comes out. I just shop when I need something and try to find the best price. Thanks for the sharing!
  • i literally wait until last minute, i know i shouldnt lol but most of the time there are winter clothes from the year prior that still fit or have tags on
  • I would suggest shopping in the spring/summer for Winter clothes/wear because that is when they will be on sale because most businesses will want to get rid of their Winter stock. Granted, you don't know how much your child will grow, perhaps buy clothes you know they can grow INTO.
  • This year department stores have been having some great early bird sales before Black Friday, so I hit the sales racks for boots and a snow suit this week. I'm also a big fan of shopping at the end of the season for things to use the next year... I found some clearanced Halloween costumes for my daughter to play dress-up with at Target for 75% off!
  • I shop for winter apparel in the summer when everything is super cheap and on sale...I shop for summer apparel in the winter because it's super cheap and on sale as well!
  • I tend to buy on sale for me for the next year, but it's pretty hard to do with children since they have such different growing cycles. I pretty much stay about the same size, one Big Fat Greek Woman! LOL
  • I think the best time to start shopping for winter stuff is the year before right before they take down the winter stuff and put in all the summer clothing. That way you get some really good deals, and if you do end up seeing something you want for winter during winter, you'll only have to buy one or a few pieces since you bought most of your stuff when it was super cheap!
    • I agree Crystal! Sometimes that is a big fail for me though, it always seems like the size I need is what they are out of when I buy for the next season. It's hit or miss really.. maybe I will get lucky this year :)
  • I start shopping for winter for my granddaughter, as soon as they start putting out the merchandise at sale prices. I can't wait until the snow is on the ground in Alaska, because they have to wear the winter gear to school if there is snow on the ground. They don't keep them in for recess unless it hits 10 degrees below zero! We can't chance not being ready. If you buy the stuff at the end of the season for the next winter, then she might not fit into it, but sometimes we take a chance if its at a really good price!
    • Those are some extreme temps! I think this year I will have to grab what I can when I can and be prepared at the end of the year to grab stuff on sale.
  • Down here in AL I have gotten used to waiting until about December when the stores start really marking things down. Usually, the weather holds out enough that we can get by with layers until then. But, last year threw me for a loop when the weather got really cold really fast and my girls were going to church with frozen toes. Thankfully. my in-laws came to the rescue and took all 4 of my girls boot shopping. They bought them 2 pairs a piece (one casual and one dressy for church). They spent about $60 on each girl. That is $240 not including tax! This year when I saw a great sale and coupon code posted at Moms by Heart I jumped on it. They had boots on sale and I got 2 pairs for each girl for what I would pay in 2 months for one pair. Then I jumped on a Famous Footwear deal and got them all black flats for this winter. So, I guess the answer in now. I don't know if stores are trying to clear out last years stuff before they get new in or what. But, it has been a good time for shoes lately. I buy clothes after season for the next year. With 4 girls it's bound to fit someone sometime:) Shoes are the only thing I don't buy a year ahead bc it's hard to predict how their feet will grow. Hope this helps! Joyce [email protected] Creations at Home recently posted..How is Home-school going?
  • I don't really start shopping for winter apparel until pretty much the last minute. I live in FL, so the weather is always hot one day and cold the next and then hot again for a week. It's the end of October, and we're still in the 80s!!!! My son has shoes and two pairs of pants and a jacket and a couple long sleeve shirts (all on sale). It's hard to judge when the actual winter weather comes every year :/
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