When is the Right Time To Shop for Winter?



Winter is coming and I’m thinking about boots and shoes.

Last year we waited until it got cold and the first snow came, boy was that a hit on our bank account! Stores love to get you for every penny when that first snow hits.

So I don’t think I could ever afford these boots for Andrea, but HOW stinkin adorable are they? I would love to get some baby Uggs for her Smile Having a girl can be a drain on your wallet!

Andrew loves to have fancy snow boots, last year he had to get the Buzz Light Year ones that lit up and you know I spent a pretty penny on those last minute! I tried to get some on sale after the season, you know how that went… when things go on sale they always have every size EXCEPT for the ones you need.

These are just my thoughts out loud today as I’m starting to shop for the holidays and for the winter weather.. Once the kids are done I supposed I should look through some mens boots as well, maybe surprise the husband with a pair.

Wouldn’t that be nice of me?

I hate buying winter apparel so early but I can never catch them on sale between the time they first come out and the time they are almost run out.

When do you start shopping for winter apparel items?




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