What Does it Mean to Have a PTPA Winner Seal on your Product?


Today I was in the toy store, looking up and down the aisles, pondering of what Santa will be bringing my two little monkeys.

So many products to choose, how am I going to pick something that my kids will love?

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The Voice of Another Mom

Word of mouth is something that I have come to rely on when purchasing products for my kids and family. With so many products out there, and so many versions of everything, I wouldn’t have the confidence to purchase something without looking for a review.

This is why PTPA Media has become such a great resource for me. Not only is PTPA Media a great way to connect with other moms online, this community is where I go to look for real and honest reviews from other moms about products that I’m looking to buy.

But this doesn’t go just for Christmas toys! PTPA Media has helped me purchase my child’s car seat, furniture for the nursery, laptop for my husband, and so much more.

parent tested parent approved

The Winner’s Circle

To have a product earn the Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner Seal means that real mom’s just like me have taken the opportunity to test a product and deem it as a product that stands up to the expectations of their family.

I’ve heard so many mom’s say that they love seeing the PTPA Seal on products, as do I. When shopping for new products to try, I purposely look for the PTPA Winner Seal and then check out reviews from the PTPA Winner’s Circle online. My family wants to use products that we will fall in love with, and we trust that this will happen when choosing a product that has earned the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award.

The Awards Program for Brands

So you have a product that you just know moms will love? No brand is too big or too small to submit their product to PTPA Media. Join our community as a Brand, have your product tested by real families, receive detailed feedback about the testing experience, and gain instant exposure to over 50,000 families.

Join me in the PTPA Media Community and sign up as a Parent Tester today!

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Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by PTPA Media and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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