How I Would Like to Be Weighed By Others #WeighThis


I’d like to thank Lean Cuisine for sponsoring this conversation.

The thing about labels is, they tend to stick. I’m not just talking about the labels on the containers you are trying to pull off in an effort to repurpose the jar… or those annoying bumper stickers that seem to always leave some type of remnants behind on your car that can never be removed… nope, not any of those. I’m talking about the labels you get for your appearance.

Pretty much most of my life I’ve been overweight. That’s the label that just kind of stuck with me over the years. For some reason people feel it’s appropriate to speak openly about the weight of a child (I guess thinking it’ll just miraculously fall off with puberty). When it doesn’t, however, the body that holds the weight must adapt to the judgment that comes with being overweight as an adult.

Size Doesn't Define Your Beauty - Inspirational Quote

Oftentimes, you grow so familiar with that label that you no longer even make an effort to change it. You just accept that it’s your body type and chalk it up to being “big boned” or some similar reason why your body will just continue to be this way.

This year, however, I shed that label. I shrugged off the self-perception of being overweight, and focused instead on “being stronger”. After a 6-month knee injury recovery, I not only stepped back in to the gym, I stepped up my confidence as well!

Just like the women in this video from Lean Cuisine, I feel inspired to change the way that people “weigh” me…

How I Would Like to Be Weighed By Others #WeighThis

I learned how to do pushups after having never been able to do even a single one!

I built the stamina to jog a 5k.

I’ve taught my kids about goals and dedication.

The list could go on!

How I Would Like to Be Weighed By Others #WeighThis

So, I’m not an overnight success story. I have lost 46 lbs., but I’m still technically overweight. The difference is? That little (or big, depending on how you want to phrase it) number plays SUCH a smaller part in my life these days.

I feel better.

My body is healthier.

And most importantly, I’m changing my focus of how I see myself and the confidence is changing how other people see me as well. This is what I want people to “weigh” when they see me… not the number of pounds packed into my thighs.

What do you wish people would “weigh” you on besides your weight? I’ve partnered with Lean Cuisine in the #WeighThis challenge, which challenges women to value themselves based on their accomplishments – not their physical appearance.

Share what you’d like others to #WeighIn on in the comments below, and your comment may be featured in my upcoming blog post!


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