Weigh In Results – Week 2 • Kicking It In Gear!


 Here we are! Two full weeks in and I took the dreaded plunge onto the scale this morning.

Here are some of my week’s accomplishments:

• Walked/Jogged a 5k – The Color Run!

• Started the Couch25k with a friend

• Tracked food every single day

• Had one day with almost 16,000 steps!

• Enjoyed eating out a few times and made healthy choices

• Made cupcakes for husband’s work and didn’t even lick the spoon


Now down a total of 5.4 Pounds. WOOP!

Weigh In Results - Week 2 • Kicking It In Gear!

This Week’s Goals

I’m beginning to have a mind block with the couch25k thing. It’s been hot, well muggy more than hot, but I’ve been looking for every excuse in the book to skip days. My friend that I have been doing this with is going out of town this weekend and next weekend I will be traveling to St Louis to hang out with my friend, Melissa from SippyCupMom! There is always something that is going to be in the way and I have to find a way to get through this.

The Couch25k is rough! The first day, I was able to do the run/walk combination for about half of the way through. I couldn’t complete the first day, how is that for motivation?

The second day, we took it to the gym and decided to give it a try on the treadmill. What a difference? A fan blowing on you and flat terrain. We kind of laughed the whole way because we could feel every ounce of our body jiggling on the treadmill. HA! Easy Peasy. Now only if I had a treadmill in my home.

So I’m goaling to get through at least half of the first week of Couch25k, this week. Some how, some way! 

That is my biggest goal this week, others include the continuation of tracking, drinking water and trying to keep focus.

Weigh In Results - Week 2 • Kicking It In Gear!