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weeklyweighin_thumb34_thumb_thumbThis is the end of week 9 on Nutrisystem!

Last week when I weighed in I reported a 5 Lb gain, in one week. Perhaps I had water weight, maybe something wrong with my scale.. who knows.

Maybe it was a true gain? Though I couldn’t see how this would be possible when I was working the plan..

This week I hung on and kept on trucking, working the plan and made an extra effort to drink more water. I think drinking the extra water really helped with curbing the cravings.

I’m starting to find my weaknesses, Nutrisystem provides you with a dessert from their foods, each day. Not so good for me that some of their desserts are VERY tempting and yummy. I’m finding that towards the end of the month when those desserts are very limited, things are easier on me.. so maybe I need to just not have them in the house at all. My husband just may have a new treat each day Smile

I have not had a chance to get a new scale so this week’s weigh in is with the same scale..

Are you ready?

I weighed in this morning at 210.2 Lbs… This is a –1.8 Lbs loss this week. While I was hoping to see that 5 Lbs loss gone, this loss will definitely be welcomed.

Ready for week 10!

Total Loss3.8 Lbs.9 Weeks
Day 1-0.0 Lbs214.0 Lbs
Week 1-5.8 Lbs208.2 Lbs
Week 2-0.2 Lbs208.0 Lbs
Week 3-2.0 Lbs206.0 Lbs
Week 4+5.4 Lbs211.4 Lbs
Week 5-2.6 Lbs208.8 Lbs
Week 6208.8 Lbs
Week 7-1.8 Lbs207.0 Lbs
Week 8+5.0 Lbs212.0 Lbs
Week 9-1.8 Lbs210.2 Lbs

Friday is weigh in day for Nutrisystem buddies!!

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and cheer them on!

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2 thoughts on “Weigh In Week : Week 9 : Making Progress : #NSNation

  • May 4, 2012 at 11:54 pm
    This really sounds like a scale error or are you eating salt? That can cause water gain. I hope it is your scale but if not YOU can do it! Your still under your start weight. You still have the Nutrisystem. Go Amanda, lets see a nice 2 - 3 lb. lose nest week. Gladys P (as if next week hasn't already came and gone for you) Reply
  • October 8, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    Yay! Progress is Progress! You have the right attitude to keep on truckin'! I tried the low carb diet and so far I see pretty good results (when I stay on it.) It is very easy to make a slip then another then oh what the heck I already messed up - Please for yourself be cautious of this tempting problem. I weighed 382 yes, you read that right 382 Jan. of 2010. I got down to 332. Then stopped eventually I tried to pick up where I started but I now weigh 334.5. I blame it on birthdays, bbq's, relatives up for the month of June even my oldest son, he bring me goodies very often (he lives in my apt. upstairs) although I have to own my weight loss or gain and just say no, not this time I'll have some. I wish you much success. Don't let my results deter you as I am in a wheel chair and have copd which helps to make it difficult although I know I can do it. I need to use my willpower. Gladys P Reply

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