Weekly Weigh In : Week 8 : Is the Scale Broken? #NSNation



weeklyweighin_thumb34_thumbThis is the end of week 8 on Nutrisystem!

I weighed in on Wednesday, however I’ve been holding off on creating this post. Simply because either something is wrong or my scale is broken. I’m hoping it is the later of the two and later I will tell you why..

But for now here is what I’m focusing on this week.

A little word called motivation. What IS motivation? Motivation is a ready and willingness to do something.

Often times I hear people say “I have no motivation to work today, I have no motivation to lose weight, I have no motivation to clean etc…” Heck I say these things myself, every day I need to find “motivation” to do something.

People say they need motivation like it is some item they need to find. Motivation is just another word to replace the word laziness… right?

I’m too Lazy to work today.. I’m too lazy to lose weight.. I’m too lazy to clean the house.

I’m realizing this week that motivation to lose this weight is NOT going to come to me, this is not something that I’m going to find. In order to lose this weight I’m gonna have to get off of my lazy butt and just do it!

So there are things that can help with this task and here is what I’m going to do to get this ball rolling.

– Placing a picture that I HATE of myself on the fridge door, seeing what I “hate to see” each time I want to run to the fridge for munchies will help remind me why I’m losing weight.

– Stop thinking about the weight I want to lose and start taking action, actions are stronger than words and just thinking about the weight I want to lose is not going to get the weight off.

– Focus on my goals one day at a time. Instead of day dreaming about my goal for the week or for the month/year I need to focus on me right now, today. Am I doing everything I can today to meet my goals for the day, in turn these successful days will turn into a successful week/month/year.

Losing weight is not a race and I don’t expect it to come off overnight, however if I can’t stay focused on the main task at hand it will never come off at all.

The plan works… but you have to work the plan.

So with that said I will get to my weigh in for this week…

I weighed in on Wednesday at 212 Lbs. even… Do you realize this is a 5 Lb gain in ONE week?

SOoooo. I’m hoping that something is wrong with my scale because honestly this week was not one I thought was a bad one. I’m in the market for a new scale, a new mind and a fresh outlook on this mission of mine to lose weight.

Ready for week 9!

Total Loss 2.0 Lbs. 8 Weeks
Day 1 -0.0 Lbs 214.0 Lbs
Week 1 -5.8 Lbs 208.2 Lbs
Week 2 -0.2 Lbs 208.0 Lbs
Week 3 -2.0 Lbs 206.0 Lbs
Week 4 +5.4 Lbs 211.4 Lbs
Week 5 -2.6 Lbs 208.8 Lbs
Week 6 208.8 Lbs
Week 7 -1.8 Lbs 207.0 Lbs
Week 8 +5.0 Lbs 212.0 Lbs

Friday is weigh in day for Nutrisystem buddies!!

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