Weekly Weigh In : First Month Update : #NSNation



weeklyweighin_thumb31_thumbToday completes 5 weeks on Nutrisystem!

All kinds of celebrations were had this week! My daughter experienced her first birthday with two different parties.
The birthday parties went great! Controlled myself with the birthday cake, didn’t over indulge and came out feeling pretty good.
Coming up, my family and I will be taking a rollercoaster road trip! Two different theme parks, tons of rollercoasters and lots of walking for this momma! So I’m not only excited to be enjoying the end of summer, the excitement will also come from all of the exercise I’m about to get and the fun we will have.
To prepare for the trip I have my bars and cereals, hopefully with those two things, combined with sensible meals this week will go great. Each of the hotels that we have booked come with free breakfast buffets, including cereal so I will be able to use my cereals with their added milk.
The only thing I’m wondering about is how I will keep my lunch bars from melting in 100 degree Texas heat! Anyone have suggestions?
This week I weighed in with a –2.6 Lbs loss! Still not sure how I got up to 211.4 the week before but whatever.. its done and I’m moving on Smile
So for the month of August I have lost 5.2 Lbs, lots of learning has been done and I’m excited to see what September will bring.
Total Loss 5.2 Lbs. 3 Weeks
Day 1 -0.0 Lbs 214.0 Lbs
Week 1 -5.8 Lbs 208.2 Lbs
Week 2 -0.2 Lbs 208.0 Lbs
Week 3 -2.0 Lbs 206.0 Lbs
Week 4 +5.4 Lbs 211.4 Lbs
Week 5 -2.6 Lbs 208.8 Lbs

Friday is weigh in day for Nutrisystem buddies!!

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