Week 1 Weigh In – Staying Accountable & The ColorRun 5k!


I make a point to log into Tumblr at least once a day, blog about my goals, frustrations and find some other “Fitblrs” that might need some motivation for the day.

I’ve found that by offering some motivation, helping to pick someone up off the ground and just lending support to someone else is quite motivating to myself. 

This past week, I’ve tracked my food every day, planned meals the night before, budgeted for a few trips to Sonic (can’t deprive myself here!) and came out with a 4 Lbs loss. WOOP!

Weight Watchers Weigh In

Goals this week

This Saturday, I’m signed up to run/jog/walk in the Color Run 5k here in Kansas City. I’m beyond excited!!!


The Color Run is the happiest 5k on the planet!! Imagine running/walking for 3 miles with your friends, being splashed with color, listening to great music and having a blast. You could totally forget that you are even there to be a little healthier. 

Want to see more about the Color Run? Check out this fun video!

We are sending the kids to a baby sitter the night before, enjoying a date night and on Saturday, my husband, best friend and I will all be participating in the Color Run! I can’t wait to share pictures with you :)

SO this is my goal this week! I’m running the 5k, as much of it as I can and starting tonight my goal is to start the Couch25K program. My android app is locked and loaded!

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