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Walgreens has been the place we go to for all of Andrew’s allergy needs. On a daily basis Andrew has to have a dose of Wal-Zyr, which is comparable to Children’s Zyrtec, to help him with his seasonal allergies and then we also have to have Wal-Dryl on hand, which is comparable to Children’s Benadryl, for emergency situations when he comes in contact with foods such as peanuts.

When Andrew developed his allergies we started purchasing the name brand medicines, we wanted THE BEST for Andrew to help him with his allergies. We quickly came to realize how expensive it was to buy Zyrtec at $9 a pop every couple of weeks.. that’s over $200 a year! Something had to change and it apparently wasn’t going to be the allergies themselves so we took the advice of a friend and looked into Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products.

We headed into our local Walgreens store to check out their Walgreens Brand Health and Wellness product line, looked at the backs of all products we use on a daily basis and shockingly noticed they were the same exact thing we were using. THE SAME!

The last time we stocked up we paid $4.99 for a bottle of Wal-Zyr.. the same size of the Children’s Zyrtec we had been buying, the same ingredients, same everything.. That same Zyrtec bottle at that time was pricing at $9.00. A $4.00 savings! When we buy a bottle almost every 2-3 weeks that adds up to almost a savings of $95 dollars a year.

We made the switch to Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness..
never looked back, Andrew has the same relief he had before and we still feel like we are giving him the best :)

Did you know that a purchase of every Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness product supports bringing preventive wellness services to local communities through the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™?

Every year up to $3 million is contributed by Walgreens in addition to the free preventive health tests that are provided to local communities.

For more details visit www.walgreens.com/waytotell

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