Valentine’s Day Flower Guide | True Meaning Of Roses


red roses

Roses are the most popular flowers to send on Valentine’s Day. But did you know that different colored roses have different meanings?

For example, we all know that red roses on Valentine’s Day is the traditional way of telling someone “I Love You”.

What about yellow, purple, orange, pink and even white?

Yellow roses are bright, sunny, cheery and brings a feeling of happiness. This would be the perfect rose to send to a true friend as it is a symbol of joy and friendship.

Purple, or lavender, roses are my absolute favorite! I never knew their true meaning but the color always brought me a feeling of elegance. Traditionally lavender roses are meant to express “Love at first sight”and are the perfect way to show someone your love and admiration.

Orange roses aren’t a common color that you see on Valentine’s Day. Maybe they should be! The color orange comes in many shades, often times you will see them from light peach to a bright orange. The orange rose can conjure up thoughts of passion and romance.

Pink roses also have the meaning of elegance and admiration, sort of a gentler meaning of the red rose. When sending red roses from the florist I will often choose a bouquet with pink and red mixed in. The two are so beautiful together and convey the perfect message on Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, White. This is a color that you will often see in flower arrangements on Valentine’s Day. Maybe because red and white look pretty together? The true meaning of a white rose gives a symbol of remembrance. Often times you will see white roses uses at weddings as they represent purity and innocence.

There you have it! Hopefully this guide will help with making the perfect selection for your
Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

What is your favorite color flower or rose to receive?



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