Travel with Expedia This Summer!


MH900441055Traveling with kids is such a rewarding experience, for many reasons. Watching their little eyes light up as they see new people and places always warms my heart, and spending a little time away from home is a nice treat for my husband and me, too!

The downside of traveling, as a family is hard on our wallets. Luckily, is there to help! Expedia lets you book your hotel and your flight together as a bundle, which saves you money and also takes care of all the boring plans at once, so you can focus on all the fun things you want to do.

They also have special discounts available depending on how you’re organizing your trip. If you’re the type to do things ahead of time, Expedia has a bunch of book-early-and-save deals. If you plan to travel on the fly, Expedia also lists discounted last-minute openings in flights and hotels. And of course, you can also save tons of money on vacations to specific destinations – Las Vegas, Hawaii, and the Bahamas are all on sale right now, so you can finally take that beach vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

If that vacation is still just out of reach, don’t despair. Check out Wantacode, a great coupon site that I use all the time! They always have the best Expedia coupons, as well as coupons for all sorts of everyday (and not-so-everyday) items! They save me a bundle so that I can show my little ones the world.

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