Transform Your Shed For Halloween


MH900309567 You probably think that your garden shed is somewhere to dump the lawnmower or pile up any old junk. Well, think again! Halloween is just around the corner, and is the perfect place for a petrifying kids’ party!

You can try out exciting decorations and make a bit of mess in the process, something that you might be a bit reluctant to do with rooms in your house.

Our guide is here to help you make the transformation without having to splash a lot of cash.

Before You Start

Remember to clear out any clutter and equipment from your shed before the party. You don’t want any accidents!


Hanging an orange wreath on the door will give your guests just the right amount of chills as they make their way inside. Simply get some chicken wire and mould layers of it into a circle before sticking it with orange cardboard or tissue paper and placing it on a nail!


Put orange or amber light bulbs in the shed to create a spooky atmosphere. This will give building a strange glow as people approach. If you can’t find colored bulbs, energy-saving bulbs – which take a while to reach maximum brightness – will give the shed a creepy nocturnal look.


No, not THAT kind of bat mobile! Stick some lengths of string or cord to a coat-hanger before attaching cardboard cut-outs of those blood-sucking critters. Glow in the dark paint will make the bats stand out in the darkness as they swoop around the partygoers’ heads! Put cotton wool over the hanger for clouds and you could even stick on some moon and stars.


Pumpkins make great sweet jars for a Halloween party. To avoid any sticky mess when people reach their hands in to grab at the tasty treats inside, line the pumpkin with aluminum foil or put a small Tupperware pot inside.


For that haunted house vibe, make your shed door creak every time someone comes in or out. There are a couple of ways to get the desired effect. You can buy a cheap hinge pin door closer that will make a noise when the door is moved. Or you can take the pin out of the door and wipe off any lubricant which keeps it free from rust. That should give it a squeaking sound, and you can always lubricate the pin afterwards.


Spiders love garden sheds. You’ve probably noticed the critters making their cobwebs in every corner! Instead of clearing them out, let them make their webs before Halloween. That will add another layer of creepiness to the party. Plus, the kids will find them pretty cool!


Get some empty soda cans and paint scary designs on them with glow in the dark paint. Then fill them with small stones and attach them with some cord to a cross-beam of wood. If your shed has a chimney, put it up there so the howling wind can really swirl about and create a deathly rattle.


Wall displays are a simple but effective way to create the right atmosphere for the party. Cut a witch’s outline out of cardboard and use glow in the dark paint to make the wicked sorceress come to life. Or you could cut some spiders out of felt and put the creepy crawlies up there! This is will give the kid’s an unexpected surprise.


Mini ghosts, who can be dotted in hiding places around the shed, are easy to make. Simply draw some ghoulish faces on squares of grease proof paper, and then glue them over some ping pong balls. These pint-sized spirits are surprisingly cute when they’re finished. Awwww!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to transforming your shed for Halloween. Hopefully you’ve picked up a few tips which you hadn’t thought of before, and your party will be a screaming success!


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