Toy Story Birthday and Gender Reveal Party Makes for a Big Day!


I’ve been planning a double party for a few weeks now, B’s turning two and our Gender Reveal Party combined into one exciting day!

We invited friends and family to our bash and I made decorations, did the shopping, cleaning, and preparing.
B loves Toy Story so I thought it would be a cute theme for his party. He calls Woody “Yee Haw” (once a Texan, always a Texan, right?).

toy story woody costume

I thought it would be cute to dress him up like his favorite sheriff for his party and since Halloween is right around the corner he could use the costume then, too!

toy story woody costume I got much of my inspiration from Pinterest. I scored a little western style (ladies) belt, a foam cowboy hat, and a white button up shirt at my local Goodwill. I picked up some yellow RIT on the way home and since B already has some cowboy boots and jeans the outfit came together very easily.

I found a red handkerchief at Michael’s and needed some cow print fabric for the little vest to match what Woody wears. This was the most difficult task! I dyed the white shirt yellow and used a red Sharpie marker (and some patience!) to draw on the red grid pattern.

Toy Story Alien Gluten Free Cupcakes

Since my husband is also having a birthday within a few days of B’s I wanted to make him some cute alien gluten-free cupcakes, inspired by Pinterest.

Toy Story Cowboy Hat Cake

The Toy Story cake I made for B also came from Pinterest, but since the link lead no where I sort of had to make it my own way.

In Toy Story there’s a restaurant called Pizza Planet where the mayhem between Buzz and Woody begins. On the menu, pizza! Pamela’s makes the best All Purpose Baking flour mix.

blue and pink gender reveal party

This party was also to celebrate and reveal to our friends and family what our second baby’s gender is. Due in December, we’ve got plenty of time to decide on a name so we thought a Gender Reveal Party would be a great way to bring everyone together and help us celebrate. So many exciting things happening in one party! I got pink and blue balloons, pink and blue candies, pink and blue drinks, and a poster for people to tally up what they thought sex of the baby is.

boy or girl tally chart

My sister has had to keep the gender to herself for about a month now, no easy task! I explained to her what type of reveal I’d prefer. Inspired once again by Pinterest, she got a big box and filled it with balloons. At the party we gathered our guests around and B, my husband, and I opened the box!

The box was well taped so when we got the tape off we held the flaps shut so B could be the one to release the balloons. He loved doing it and we were all so ecstatic to have them fly out! Unfortunately not all the balloons escaped so my sister cheerfully tossed them in the air. Our guests had such a wonderful reaction and it was amazing to share in the suspense and then excitement of the day with everyone!

gender reveal party with pink balloons



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