Totsy Sales : Awesome Deal On Homemade Baby Food Accessories! Ends in 12 Hours!



Do you make baby food for your little one? Here is one awesome sale you don’t want to miss!


When I was making baby food for Andrea there were two things that I absolutely loved!

1. Was the Baby Brezza…

2. Was the BEABA Silicone Tray!!

I was browsing Totsy this evening and saw that this silicone tray in pink was on sale for $17.50 for 12 hours! Normally $24.95, this is a great sale.

This silicone tray was AWESOME as you can fill each hole with baby food and then stick it in the freezer, when you are ready to thaw one serving out the silicone easily flexes to allow only 1 of the food cubes to come out! So so handy!!! I never see sales on this and wanted to pass along this awesome deal.

Haven’t heard of Totsy? It is a site that offers up to 80% off on great mom, baby and kid products every day. Each sale lasts for a limited time and there is something almost every day that I really want.

Sign up for Totsy is FREE, but you need an invite. Here is my invite to you! Go check it out Smile