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Are you ready to save some money in a new and exciting way? I was asked to check out the new Tophatter app that is available for iPhone and iPod touch. This is such a fun and innovative way to shop, keep reading to see how it works!

What is Tophatter?

The Tophatter marketplace brings excitement and energy of a live auction house and turns it into a social auction experience where you can discover items, chat with sellers and shoppers then bid from anywhere all in real time.

Originally launching in January of 2012, Tophatter users now have the convenience of either using the auction site from their computer or from their mobile device.
Tophatter app for iPhone and iPod

I recently had the experience of downloading Tophatter to my iPhone for the first time. I browsed around the auctions from both sellers and retailers and quickly became energized to get involved.

Each day, each hour, there are new auctions taking place on Tophatter. View the live auctions, upcoming auctions and even set reminders to have your iPhone or iPod touch remind you when an auction of interest is coming up.

Last night, I stumbled upon an “All Coach Showcase” and was amazed at both the offerings and the prices that some of these beautiful bags were going for. Tophatter could really be a great place to save some money on everything from craft supplies, jewelry, gourmet food, collectibles and more.

Tophatter app for iPhone and iPod

Here is one of the bags that I was interested in. In the previews, I could see a complete description of the bag and even set a reminder for my iPhone to send me a push notification when this auction was close to starting.

I watched this auction closely, loved how you could chat with the seller and the other shoppers all in real time. With a click of a button I was able to set up a Tophatter account by connecting with Facebook and make my bid on this coach bag.

Granted, I didn’t win the coach bag, but it went for a really great price of $61 dollars + $8 in shipping. Not too shabby!

Tophatter app for iPhone and iPod

Viewing of screens in the Tophatter app was so easy to do. With the swipe of a finger, I could easily switch back and forth between the auction and the chat board.

It’s great that I could switch around the screens without actually leaving the auction itself.

During my first visit of the Tophatter app, I really liked being able to see all of the auctions and even attend them before deciding to sign up for a free account.

Upon finding an auction I wanted to bid on, the Facebook integration allowed me to quickly sign up and make my bid.

Tophatter app for iPhone and iPod


The entire Tophatter experience was so fun! This isn’t like another auction website, where you have to place a bid and wait days and days to see if you won.

Auctions are all held in real time and only last a few minutes each. What a rush to bid on something and see that you have won it at a great price!

The Tophatter iPhone and iPod touch app is on top of it, by letting me see the entire days (and upcoming days) schedule I can see what auctions might be of interest to me. With a tap on the screen, reminders are set for all of the auctions I’m interested in. Now I can visit the Tophatter app when my favorite auctions are about to start.

Tophatter is free to download, free to use.

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There are some great auctions coming up for Mother’s Day that you will want to check out

See you there!

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