Top 8 Tools for the Beginner Momtographer


Here at Mommy of Two Little Monkeys you’ve probably noticed that we all love to take photos of our children. Christina shoots Canon while Amanda and myself stick to Nikon. Photography is a common passion for us as moms and we love to show off our kiddos, some would call it Momtography. If you are looking to explore the world of photography or “momtography” and don’t quite know where to start, we would like to offer a check list for you to dive right in!

 Top 8 Tools for the Beginner Momtographer #photographytips #momtographer #photosofchildren

Top 8 Tools for the Beginner Momtographer

1- A DSLR that fits good in your hands. Whether it’s Canon, Nikon, Sony… feel the weight and ergonomics of the camera and go with what feels comfortable in your hands.

2- A fast lens! By fast I mean a lens that has a fairly low f-stop to allow more light in and freeze the action of your toddler running around the playground. If your lens isn’t quick enough you’ll end up with a blur of a child. We all love our 50mm 1.8 lenses.

3- A sturdy camera bag. Carrying the lenses and camera around isn’t like carrying your favorite diaper bag. The bag has to have cushioning and form to it to keep your gear safe. I use the LowePro Slingshot because it’s big enough to hold my gear safely, I can access my camera and lenses, and it comfortably sits on my back out of my way when not in use.

4- Charge! A back up battery can save your sanity at little Johnny’s football game when you see the battery light blinking. I always try to keep one on the charger and one in my camera and bring both when I leave the house.

5- Flash bounce. This little nifty device has changed the way I look at photos taken inside the house. I love natural light but when I use flash I always opt to pop on my light scoop and know I won’t be blinding my babies with the flash!

6- Memory. Memory cards, that is. I use a few different sizes, but my go-to is a 32gb because I can shoot hundreds of photos, I can shoot videos, and not worry about the card filing up.

7- Lens Filters. In the day of the digital age a filter on the front of your lens is more for protection than effect. You can find filters in every price range to protect the glass on your camera.

8- Tripod & Remote- I included this in my list because these are the tools used to get you (yes, YOU!) in front of the camera with your kids. If your camera doesn’t use a remote then set the timer. It’s so important for your kids to see you in photos as well, mom, so don’t forget!

What would you like to learn more about in “Momtography?”


4 thoughts on “Top 8 Tools for the Beginner Momtographer

  • September 5, 2013 at 2:40 pm
    Great list! We are hoping to finally get our first DSLR camera (as opposed to our little point and shoot) this fall/winter, and this is helpful! As for what else I'd like to know about momtography.... any suggestions on learning how to edit for beginners? Programs, websites, books, etc... it seems that these days, taking the shot is only the jumping-off point! Obviously this is never going to a be a professional pursuit for me as it is for you guys, and I will be continuing to keep our pro photog in business for our annual pics of our kids, but I guess I'd love some direction on the basics once we get the camera! I am a total photography dummy. :) Reply
    • September 5, 2013 at 4:19 pm
      Allison, thanks for your question. I think everyone goes about learning editing in their own way. I started out with GIMP and then Adobe Lightroom. I think if I were to start over I would start with Lightroom. I've never tried it, but I've heard good things about Photoshop Elements, too. Basically with editing you're changing what you weren't able to achieve in camera. Reply
  • September 4, 2013 at 10:32 pm
    Great list! I agree completely. But I'd also add a way to backup all of your precious memories, like an external drive or Cloud site. :) Reply
    • September 5, 2013 at 8:04 am
      Very good point! Nothing worse then losing all of your hard work and images of your children. Reply

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