Tips on How To Prepare Your Food Storage for Tough Times & Emergencies



Most of you know that I have lost my job.

Over the last couple of weeks my family and I have been taking needed preparations with our food supply, trying to reduce costs with groceries and trying to build up an emergency supply of food to fall back on during tough economic times.

While this pictures is not my food storage pantry, parts of me wish it was.

Our first step in preparing for tough times is to put together some shelving that we have down in our basement, get some food storage products and slowly learn to build up our emergency food supply with storing of essentials.

Do you have an emergency food storage to help your family through tough times or natural disasters?

I’ve found some recommendations from websites such as on how to store and maintain essential food items. There are even food storage calculators to give you an idea of how much a person would need to store in order to sustain life for one full year.

A lot of this information is overwhelming to read, some of it is information you already know but would never think of when preparing your emergency food storage.

For example, stocking up on foods that provide you with essential nutrients to maintain normal body functions. At the same time avoiding foods with a higher salt content. The more salt you consume, the more water you will want to drink.

Stock up on high protein items. Protein is an essential to our diets and our bodies cannot survive without it. Things like canned meat and beans provide a great source of protein..

Did you know that the oil in your canned meat can also be used as an emergency candle?

The basic kitchen essentials, cooking oil, flour, salt, sugar, vinegar, etc. When you are doing your couponing, these items often get overlooked. If they are a staple in your kitchen they should also be a staple in your emergency supply.

With so many people losing their jobs and conflict that is going on over seas, it really isn’t a bad idea to think about these things. I sure didn’t think about them until it personally effected my family..



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