Three Years Old : Riding Rollercoasters at Frontier City


Steel Lasso : Frontier CityMy husband is a rollercoaster enthusiast, if you asked him how many coasters he has been on he could probably spend hours telling you about all of them.

Nights are consisted of looking at theme park websites, pictures of rollercoasters, watching youtube videos of rollercoasters and blogging about them at Rollercoaster Destination. In the summer our family takes road trips to theme parks all over the US in anticipation of his next ride.

When we had a little boy I just knew that he was going to take after his daddy and was I right! My son is 3 years old, almost 4, weighs 32 Lbs. and a little over 3 Feet tall, maybe 37 inches? I can’t seem to remember, however he is only 2 inches away from being able to ride the Pandemonium (Spinning Dragons) type rides.. 
  Steel Lasso : Frontier City

Labor Day weekend we took our latest road trip with our first stop at Frontier City in Oklahoma City. My little monkey was able to add two new rollercoasters to his roster at this park, The Steel Lasso and The Wild Kitty. These are not your every day kiddie coasters, my little man has now graduated to the family rollercoasters and he was so excited!


The Wild Kitty : Frontier City


This is a picture from the Wild Kitty at Frontier City. A simple little rollercoaster that went around and then it was over, not truly impressive in my mind but my son loved it. The park was not busy that day and there was no one in line, these are my favorite rides (No wait!) and this day it was my little monkey’s favorite as the ride operator allowed everyone on to ride it 5 times in a row… over and over again I was sure hoping that my boy was not about to get sick!
Mini Mine Train : Six Flags Over TexasThe last rollercoaster on my little monkey’s agenda was the Mini Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas. Again this was a family rollercoaster, yet this is a favorite of ours. Mine Trains are always a hit!

While standing in line he asks “This is a little rollercoaster right?” Yes, buddy it is little… OKAY! Let’s get on! he says..

My little 3 year old has now been on a total of six rollercoasters in his life.. SIX! I didn’t ride my first rollercoaster until I was almost 12 years old and honestly I about lost it when I did. He is truly a daddy’s boy and I can see that my husband is very excited about this.. and what’s to come.




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