Three Incredible Ways to Get More Storage Space in Your Garage


What’s in your garage? Chances are it’s not your car… According to the U.S. Department of Energy 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in there and 32% park only one. With all that wasted space it’s time to take a look back inside the garage as it is one of the most effective methods of increasing storage space, reducing clutter, and improving home organization. To many homeowners, garage storage simply means banishing boxes of junk away from the interior of the home, where it quickly transforms into a mess that takes up valuable space and hardly ever sees the light of day. However, an effective garage storage system can do just the opposite – increasing space both inside your home and inside your garage, and allowing your important items to be easily accessible when needed. Ceilings, shelving, and racking, or “C-S-R”, are the three most effective ways to get more storage space in your garage and their distinctive features create a variety of customized benefits that help serve the unique needs of you and your family. 

Garage Storage - Wooden Shelves
Photo Credit — grantlairdjr via Flickr

1. Ceilings

Garages are notoriously tight and compact spaces, so utilizing all available space is essential for increasing the amount of overall storage and functionality. Look no further than right above your head –overhead garage storage solutions allow you to save valuable floor and wall space for more commonly used items. Overhead storage; constructed with rugged, all-steel connection hardware, is ideal for seasonal items such as holiday decorations or supplies, sports equipment, and tools that are not frequently used.

2. Shelving

The most common way to increase garage storage space is through cabinetry and shelving. Shelving is widely popular as it creates a uniform and inviting look that adds to the appeal of your home while increasing its value. Available in a variety of finishes; from maple wood to stainless steel, cabinet and shelf solutions create functionality and organization even in the tightest of spaces. Cabinets can be customized with adjustable racks or drawers for even easier access and customization, while closing completely to keep belongings safe from pests and dust. Finely crafted shelves and cabinets are perfect for heavy loads and extreme temperatures, making them an ideal fit for any garage.

3. Racking

Gridwall racks are a great way to add additional space to your garage by keeping loose items and supplies off of the floor and onto the wall. Gridwall racks keep items in plain sight, providing easy access to those that are important and frequently used. Accessories such as hooks and baskets can be installed within the racks to provide greater customization for items of all sizes including bikes, tools, and lawn care supplies. Gridwall racks are perfect for families with a wide variety of hobbies and interests that each requires specific equipment or tools, a smart solution for any active household.

Tackling garage storage projects doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The three simple solutions from “C-S-R” can help transform even the most cluttered garage into the ultimate home storage system. Experts at Tailored Living can help assess you and your family’s individual needs to create a custom project personalized for your daily life. Don’t waste valuable space with boxes and clutter, call or visit Tailored Living online to schedule your free 3-D design consultation and get your car back into your garage today!


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