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Things we do to corrupt our children



So tonight I’m laying on my bed getting ready to read a book to my son, remind you he is 3 years old and I’m laying on my belly right next to him, and we decided to read a book called “The Big Bad Mood”.. my son seems to have an attitude problem lately so we thought this fit him well..

Anyways, as I’m reading to him to my husband decides to be funny or cute.. or a hornball and comes up behind me to sit on my butt. My son doesn’t take notice but I do..

Honey? I said.. What are you doing? he says nothing but I know better.

I continue reading and the next thing I know my husband decides to make dirty gestures, not sure if he was trying to get my attention or be funny.. my son still doesn’t take notice.

Let’s fast forward to the end of the book when my husband jumps up and says okay lets go to bed now!

Next thing I know my 3 year old jumps up, onto my back making the same dirty gestures my husband was.

I’m dying here and my husband is out in the hallway laughing his ass off.. how is this funny to see my 3 year old trying to dry hump his mother? LOL

I pity the poor teacher that receives my son in preschool next year..

Please tell me we aren’t the only family that is silently corrupting our children!



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Hi! I'm Amanda, a Kansas City Lifestyle Blogger, mom of two little people, social media addict, travel junkie with a slight obsession to baking and fitness.

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  • I love this story! No, I'm sure you're not the only one. I remember my Dad taught us that burping at the dinner table was a source of pride, much to my mom's horror.
  • Yep. You think we notice everything because we are moms right? Children are so much for in tune than we think they are. Funny!
  • Your not the only one. Even just talking around them you can't do. My son just hears everything I say. I didn't get it for a while thinking they don't understand what I'm talking about, but they do! Thank you for sharing and reminding us that they are smarter than we think!
  • There is no question who is the nut job in our house. I have to say I am glad the kids get my husbands warped sense of humor. Maybe not in those such things but definitely others. We tease our kids sometimes to "not look cuz we are gonna make out"...then do an overdramatic deep kissing scene and the kids go wild. pretend gagging, saying "MY EYES, MY EYES"!!!... Yes, I also pity my kids teachers and they are tween and teens now. Just a wonder though how much kids catch on and def how much they KNOW when you really cant figure out HOW!
  • It doesn't matter how hard we try, we will always end up corrupting our children in some way! I wish I was a perfect parent, but I just can't seem to pull it off!
  • Oh you're not the only ones. My best friend and her husband didn't worry too much about letting cuss words slip until their first born decided to say a few. He was 2 and they told him to pick up his toys and he said "This is f***ing stupid!" They don't cuss around their kids anymore. :)
  • My husband likes to do things too that he thinks our toddler isn't noticing. He already says things we say that we shouldn't.
  • Oh my I laughed so hard. My son saw his dad adjust himself one night and since he has been doing this to himself while his diaper is on. The other day I said William get your hand out of your diaper and he looks at me and says mom its mine. Well how to argue with that.
  • Kids absorb so much! I agree sometimes I worry when my son goes to preschool that he will say or do something like that. Especially since we are teachers, not so good :)
  • Haha, my kids haven't done anything like that. Just embarrassed me in other ways. I am sure everyone at the store thinks I am a terrible parent lately because my 2 year old won't keep her warm clothes on, so besides the option of duct taping them to her I have given up. I figure if we won't be outside more than the quick run to the car she will live.
  • LOL this is too funny. kids that age mimck everything their parents do. hopefully he will start to mimck a different (more school-appropriate behavior- hehe) and forget all about the dry humping!!
  • I'm starting to be in the same boat... my 19-month-old daughter is a little sponge lately! I'm a born-and-bred New Yorker, so of course I curse like a sailor. I've been trying to tone it down since she was born, but there were a few weeks where "sh*t!" was her word of choice. What a wake-up call that they watch/hear everything that you do!
  • Haha! This made me laugh. I gotta tell u that these things happen all the time. Us moms often worry about kids repeating something in a totally innocent way but having it taken the wrong way. We worry because sometimes it IS taken the wrong way. BUT more times than not, if someone is a mom (or dad) they usually understand that these things just happen. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us that we are NOT alone. :D
  • ha ha thats too much! Its funny how we dont think our kids are taking any special notice of some things, Until they repeat them... oh, and trust me, mother of 5, nanny of 3. you are not alone :) jennifer huff huey
  • Amanda, They are little sponges and they see and hear all things that you don't want them to. We all do it, with our everyday lives and our television time... and you know what... they always pop off at the worst time and let people know hahahaha. In talking to people I always auto edited myself leaving out potential embarrassing info I felt others need not know... My daughter would always pop up with NOO THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED! OYE no matter how many times I told her not to correct me(rude for a child to do anyway) she at 20 still does it. My son told me that he learned the really bad words from me.... OYE.... although he never cussed in front of me and I did not think I did in front of him. He heard me anyway, as an older woman I have curbed my tongue it just won't do having a granny type woman that talks like a sailor now would it...
  • Just wait until you forget to lock your bedroom door and he walks in on you & hubby having sex.... been there, very embarrassing! You will think you've traumatized the child for life. lol
  • We have always tried our best to be good examples to our children. I believe that when our first child was just a baby, my husband would do things, but not when she got older and especially when we had more children. I know that sex is rampant in our society, but only because we have let it--and it doesn't help when our school system teaches that it is normal. We are turning to be a disgusting society where people really do think that sexual pleasure is one of the priorities in life. May God have mercy on us.
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