Things we do to corrupt our children



So tonight I’m laying on my bed getting ready to read a book to my son, remind you he is 3 years old and I’m laying on my belly right next to him, and we decided to read a book called “The Big Bad Mood”.. my son seems to have an attitude problem lately so we thought this fit him well..

Anyways, as I’m reading to him to my husband decides to be funny or cute.. or a hornball and comes up behind me to sit on my butt. My son doesn’t take notice but I do..

Honey? I said.. What are you doing? he says nothing but I know better.

I continue reading and the next thing I know my husband decides to make dirty gestures, not sure if he was trying to get my attention or be funny.. my son still doesn’t take notice.

Let’s fast forward to the end of the book when my husband jumps up and says okay lets go to bed now!

Next thing I know my 3 year old jumps up, onto my back making the same dirty gestures my husband was.

I’m dying here and my husband is out in the hallway laughing his ass off.. how is this funny to see my 3 year old trying to dry hump his mother? LOL

I pity the poor teacher that receives my son in preschool next year..

Please tell me we aren’t the only family that is silently corrupting our children!



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