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I’ve been plus sized for almost as long as I can remember. Shopping has always been a nightmare and trying to find the perfect fit has been anything but successful.

Thanks to a team of mathematicians, a group of computer scientists and some of the biggest names in the plus size fashion industry our days of buying clothes that don’t fit are OVER!

Over 10,000 in person fittings of bras, pants and tops, and 1.25 million survey answers from plus size women resulted in 70 million points of data. With this data the Fashion Genius Solution was born.

Fashion Genious Survey

In 3 minutes or less, with no measurements required, Fashion Genius will guide you through a series of questions to help identify your unique body shape and style preferences.

I took the survey myself. Questions were asked such as which style types would I wear and which I wouldn’t, where about in my body do I carry most of my weight, what shape type of body do I have and many more questions that helped tailor my own customized guide.

SONSI SurveyMy profile indicated I was a comfortably casual with a touch of natural and style. This couldn’t be more right! I’m all about comfort, if I can add a bit of fashion in with my wardrobe I will do it but I won’t compromise my comfort level.

The survey not only goes into what style you are, it also provides tips for your style type and body type which will help you find the perfect outfit. At the end of my survey I was presented with the opportunity to style, and purchase, outfits from recommendations that were provided to me.


SONSI Customized OutfitStyle Tips

Under the outfits tab I was presented with a variety of outfits to fit any occasion. I selected one of the outfits that was suggested, changed a few things up and put together an outfit that I would love to wear!

When you shop using the Fashion Genius Tool the clothing you find is not just from one store, now a universal shopping cart will connect you to Lane Bryant, Catherines, Fashion Bug, Cacique, Loop 18 and Sonsi’s assortment of over 380 brands.

I’m really excited about the revolution of plus size clothes shopping with Fashion Genius! As a mom who never gets a moment to get away for some personal clothes shopping this is a great way to find what clothes would work best for my body type, put them together to see what they look like as an outfit and purchase them all from the comfort of my home.

Take the survey for yourself and see what Fashion Genius has to say about you! Click here to get started

Fashion Genius Survey


Disclosure: This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign. All thoughts are my own.


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