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The Original Pink Box Tools from Sears | Gift Idea For Her!


Being a homeowner and mother of two small boys means that life is full of adventures. Needless to say, my floors are often covered in legos, hot wheels, and superheroes! There is not much “girly” at my house these days. As a mother, I find that there is always a bike that needs training wheels, projects need to be completed for school, yard work does not magically get done on its own, and dinner never seems to cook itself.

I have recently discovered the Original Pink Box product line that is available exclusively at Sears and was offered an opportunity to review it. This line of tools is both practical, yet clearly marks with its pink color that all boys in the house should step back and leave these tools alone! A Mom has got to have her “bag of tricks” to make it through the day, and this line from Sears allows any Mom the versatility to make this set her own!

the original pink box tools

The Original Pink Box 20-inch steel tool box can allow any mother to store and organize whatever in her life needs organizing. From tools, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, craft supplies, or gardening tools, this box can be customized by any mother to fit her need.

the original pink box tools

In addition, every woman loves a good power tool, and how could anyone say no to The Original Pink Box 18-volt cordless drill with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This power drill could help any woman take on a Pinterest DIY project, hang pictures, or assemble bookshelves. To go with the drill is The Original Pink Box 22-piece drill and screwdriver bit set.

the original pink box tools

Along with any power tool, every woman could benefit from The Original Pink Box 30 piece Tool Set with 12-inch tool bag. It includes:

  • 12-ounce hammer
  • 16-ft. self-locking tape measure
  • 6-inch needle nose pliers
  • 6-inch slip joint pliers
  • Eight piece hex key wrench set in holder
  • Bit driver
  • 19-piece 1-inch bit set
  • 1-inch extension bar
  • Four-piece Precision Screwdrivers

the original pink box tools

The Original Pink Box line has a two-piece flash light set, utility knife, and multipurpose gloves that are especially designed for women’s hands with extra padding in the palm. These gloves can be worn around the house or would also be great for gardening.

the original pink box tools

As mothers we are often expected to make “all things better”. Why not be prepared for whatever might come up with The Original Pink Box line from Sears. What I love most about this set is that it clearly marks that these tools are mine! Often my flash light gets lost in a bedroom closet, screw drivers end up being swords, and work gloves become gloves with special super powers. This line from Sears allows any Mom to clearly mark her tools and store and keep them organized and ready to help in a time of need. There is nothing worse than searching for that one tool for 30 minutes for that 3 minute project. As mothers, we are constantly on the go, and this set from Sears could allow any mother to organize her life and be able to fix and take on any project around the home.

Check out the Original Pink Box Tool Line from Sears



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