The Makers of Boogie Wipes is Teaming up with Just Between Friends to Bring Samples and Coupons to a Sale Near You!

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There once was a bunny whose nose was real runny, and everyone said it was real funny, but it’s snot, he said…it’s SNOT! Boogie Wipes…I can’t be the only fan of these things. No more crying about sore noses when a cold comes to stay, no more hiding when it’s time to wipe dirty little faces….Boogie Wipes are awesome! Heck, I even use them when I have the sniffles. They feel so much better than tissues after blowing my nose all day.  For those of you who haven’t tried these wondrous cloth creations, boys have I some news for you! Well, it’s news for those of us who love them, too. Let’s all get in on this!!


Little Busy Bodies, Inc, the awesome company behind Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers Nose Wipes is teaming up with Just Between Friends, the nation’s largest children’s and maternity consignment sales event franchise to not only ease the fiscal pain and financial frustration of clothing little ones, but also easing the pain and frustration associated with keeping a busy child’s runny nose clean and pain free. Samples of Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers Nose products will be available in the stores of Just Between Friends, and the company will also be distributing coupons for the product as well…and who doesn’t love a good coupon? Said Shannon Wilburn, President of Just Between Friends on the partnership with Little Busy Bodies, Inc., “To us, we are serving the same moms and they could all benefit by knowing about both companies. Now, we can do twice as much marketing without having to drain our advertising resources in order to so.”


*Disclosure : We did receive samples of Boogie Wipes in exchange for this post.
Honest thoughts were used, your opinion may vary.



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