The Last First Birthday … Bittersweet moment


First Year Of Life Photo Collage

I’m about to celebrate the last, first birthday. Andrea is turning 1 and though I’m so happy to watch her grow up it is a bittersweet moment that never again will I have an infant.. a newborn. That first year of life has flown before my eyes.

On this night one year ago we received the news.. my fluids were low and Andrea wasn’t moving as much as she should be. It was time for my baby to come into this world.. a whole 3 weeks early.

My son was dropped off at my mother’s house, my husband and I had one last meal together (alone) and we made last minute preparations to bring home a baby. We still had nothing put together! The bassinet, swing etc.. I thought we had three more weeks to do all of this. At least we had one more night.

The day of delivery was a scheduled C Section as my previous delivery was a C Section so we knew what to expect. My husband and I went into the hospital, feels like just yesterday, I was prepped in my room and took last minute pictures..

Last Belly Picture! 37 Weeks Last Belly Picture! 37 Weeks
2 hours later I was greeted with my beautiful daughter…
The first look at your new baby

This day is really hard for me..seeing this picture is really hard for me.

So sad, yet so happy.

Happy first birthday sweet baby girl!

Love, Mommy


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