The Alternative to a Kitchen Radio – Soundfreaq Sound Spot Speakers!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

There is one thing that my neighbor and I could agree on, kitchens need radios! We’ve had a clock radio mounted to the underneath of our cabinet for some time now, really it’s outdated. But every time she comes over, the clock radio gets mentioned because she wants a radio in the kitchen. BAD.

The Alternative to a Kitchen Radio – Soundfreaq Sound Spot Speakers! Sponsored: @Soundfreaq #SoundSpot Bluetooth Speakers

Gone are the days of bulky clock radios, stereos and cd players.. today we are all digital! And really, if you try to find a descent radio for the kitchen anymore, the search is almost impossible.

I received an email about Soundfreaq Sound Spot speakers and it dawned on me! This is totally replacing all need for a radio, anywhere in your house.

I knew that we were both going to love this!

Upon first impression, I noticed that the Soundfreaq Sound Spot speakers had a very small footprint. Light in weight and not a lot to it, was this going to be just a box that play flat sounds?

Christmas Mantel Decorations – Soundfreaq Sound Spot Speakers! Sponsored: @Soundfreaq #SoundSpot Bluetooth Speakers

The black one fit nicely up on our mantel, blending in with the decor. You wouldn’t even realize that the speaker was there! Can you see it?

What I Love!

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot speakers are chargeable, meaning you can play music anywhere in your house, cord free, for up to 7 hours.

Stream wirelessly, via blue tooth, from any phone, iPad, Mac, Android tablets or even Windows devices; right into your Sound Spot speaker.

Don’t have blue tooth? A cord is included so you can connect any phone through the headphone port.

Speaking of cords, you can even plug in a USB cord and charge your phone while the music is playing! Is that not cool?

The Alternative to a Kitchen Radio – Soundfreaq Sound Spot Speakers! Sponsored: @Soundfreaq #SoundSpot Bluetooth Speakers

I’ve owned other “Blue Tooth” speakers, but nothing compares to the Soundfreaq Sound Spot speakers. It is so lightweight and easy to use, my kids even love it because they can pick it up and play music from any room of the house.

BONUS – I can keep my phone on hand! The range on this speaker is outstanding and the kids can take the speaker while the phone is still in my possession.

The Sound

The sound is clear, loud and full of acoustics. I have used our speaker in the living room and my neighbor uses her speaker in the kitchen, in both places the sound just fills the room.

I love that we can play holiday music in the kitchen, take it in the playroom and enjoy some children’s songs, take it in the bathroom to enjoy some “mommy” music during a bath and hubby can take it into the garage for music while working.

My neighbor doesn’t miss not having a kitchen radio anymore, the Soundfreaq Sound Spot speaker fulfills everything that you would need in a wireless speaker! 

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