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Teaching your child the value of a dollar

My 3 year old has recently taken a liking to money, not sure where it came from but he seems to think money is just everywhere.. every day it is “Mommy I need money for my piggy bank”. While I think this is a great thing, saving money in his piggy bank, it is time to start teaching him the value of a dollar, how we earn money and why saving his money in a piggy bank is such a great thing.

My Job Chart is a free, online chore chart and reward system. Keep reading… you want to hear about this!

My Job Chart Chore List  

With My Job Chart you can now make chore time fun! Set up your family in the My Job Chart online system, assign jobs from a list of already created ones or customize your own, set rewards for each of your children and watch your children engage themselves online while learning how to save, share and spend responsibly.

This is a list I created for my son, since he is 3 years old we can’t really expect much from him.. however there are a few things that he can do every day and we can use them to teach him the art of doing your chores.

We set up getting dressed and brushing your teeth as the day time jobs, then picking up toys, cleaning bedroom and brushing teeth as his evening chores. I logged into myjobchart.com with him and helped check off the chores that were done. When the chores are completed for the day an email is sent to the parents letting them know. This is such a great tool for kids to use! As my little one grows up he will be able to log into myjobchart.com by himself, locate his chore list and check off the things he has done.

My Job Chart Reward List

So here is where it becomes fun for your children! My Job Chart assigns a value to each chore that you create and as your child completes their chores those points add up, once enough points are earned, your child can choose to set that money aside and save it in a savings account, give it to charity or buy rewards that you set in their account.

My Job Chart is linked up with Amazon.com allowing you to easily add rewards to your children’s account, when those rewards are cashed in by your child you will simply be able to log in and with a few clicks have that reward ordered for your child.

In my little ones account I added things that I know he has been wanting such as a Mobigo, some games, a Power Wheels car and other things such as an extra bedtime story, playtime at the park and a free day of no chores.

See why My Job Chart has worked for so many families!

My Job Chart is a powerful tool for any family to use. I personally feel like this concept will be a great thing in our house as this day in age is built around “tech things” and even my 3 year old knows this, by using an online system and making it a part of his every day life we will be able to teach him good habits, responsibility, work ethic and self discipline.
A free online chore chart can be created at www.myjobchart.com


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of My Job Chart. Opinions are my own, and were not influenced by monetary compensation.


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