Taking The Pain Out Of Shots : Buzzy Keeps Kids Pain Free!



I was reading through one of my parenting magazines and came across this product, a very intriguing product!

This is Buzzy! Buzzy is a kid friendly bee that has ice pack wings and vibrates to distract the nerves, virtually making the shots pain free when held to your child’s skin before and during a shot.

Buzzy Takes the Pain From Shots!

I’m on baby #2 and those shots, time after time, are one of the hardest things to deal with. No one wants to see their child cry from pain of a shot!

When Andrea was little little I would do things like nurse her before the shots to put her in a “milk coma” and then I would nurse her again when the shot was done. While it didn’t keep her from crying completely it did seem to help limit the crying afterwards.

Have you heard of Buzzy?

If you have, have you tried Buzzy?

I’m so very curious to see how Buzzy works….

Look at how brave this little boy is!!
Not a single tear.. my son would have been kicking and screaming on the floor




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