Superman and Supergirl Halloween Costumes from Kohls – My Little Goblins!


*Disclosure – We received Halloween costumes from Kohls for review. All thoughts are my own.

When you have two children there is nothing more fun than dressing them up in matching Halloween costumes. Sadly for me, my oldest child now has a strong opinion about what he wants to wear. So what do you do?

We turned to Kohl’s this year, as our Halloween headquarters, to see what we could come up with.

 Halloween Costumes at Kohls

My 5 year old, for some reason this year he has decided that there would be nothing cooler than being Superman. I’m not sure where this came from because honestly, he’s never seen a Superman cartoon before.

But we went with the flow.

After searching around the Kohl’s website, I came across this adorable Halloween costume for toddlers. And it was none other than Superwoman!


Halloween Costumes at Kohls

If you remember from my last post about the Step2 wagon transformation, we transformed the wagon into Superman’s telephone booth.

Now my two little ones feel strong, tough and to me, they are adorably cute. Are they not?

Halloween Costumes at Kohls

The Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Light Up Halloween Costume was purchased in size small, and fits my 5 (almost 6) year old perfectly.

What’s included:

– A long, one piece jumpsuit with boot covers that are attached

– A detachable cape

What’s Cool:

My 5 year old absolutely fell in love with the light up chest. It’s hard to see in the daylight, but there are small lights that are embedded into the chest wall, lining the Superman “S”.

For more information and to purchase, visit the Kohl’s website – Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Light Up Costume


The Supergirl Toddler Halloween Costume was purchased in the toddler size, fitting my 3 year old perfectly with room to grow.

What’s Included:

– One piece dress with cape

– Boots, they cover your child’s shoes and strap underneath them

What’s Cool:

I love the simplicity of this costume and the cuteness factor that it brings. A perfect compliment to the Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Light Up Costume.

For more information and to purchase, visit the Kohl’s website – Supergirl Toddler Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes at Kohls

I’ve never used Kohl’s as our Halloween headquarters before, but after this year we will be back. The Halloween costumes were well made and the kids loved them. Not to mention, if you head to Kohl’s with a 15%, 20% or even 30% off coupon and your Kohl’s cash, you can grab a really great deal!

Already have your Halloween costume for the big day tomorrow? There are some great sales on the Kohl’s website, shop today and put away for next year!

What are your little goblins dressing up as this year?

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