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My Top 3 P&G Products That Make Summer Clean-Up Easier


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Summer time often seems like a blur. I absolutely love getting to spend more time with the kids, but as with all good things it comes with a price… TIME!! When the kids are home with me all day throughout the summer, it’s necessary to compact my normal cleaning routine into much less time than I would usually spend doing it. It also means that while I have less time to clean, the messes replenish themselves much quicker!

Our fun with the sun comes with more clothes to in the dirty clothes. Our delicious summer recipes come with many more dishes in the sink. Our summer crafts… don’t even let me get started on the crafts! Finger prints everywhere! Needless to say, clean up time during the summer isn’t any easy feat for this momma. Luckily, I have a team of cleaners to have my back. The joy of it… it doesn’t even mean I have to break the bank.

What’s my team, you’re wondering?

My Top 3 P&G Products That Make Summer Clean-Up Easier

Procter & Gamble products of course!

Seriously, P&G Household Needs products make summer cleanup so much easier, and save me a ton of time!

Here’s what I use:

My Top 3 P&G Products That Make Summer Clean-Up Easier

Cascade Complete Action Pacs – Seriously… who has time to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?!? Not me! With Cascade Complete Action Pacs I don’t have to spend time doing that. They have the power of Dawn, so I can skip prewashing all together. It’s no wonder they’re the TOUGHER TOUGH FOOD CLEANER!

My Top 3 P&G Products That Make Summer Clean-Up Easier


Tide Pods – These 3 in 1 Tide PODS pack a mean punch! They’re also made from 90% cleaning ingredients* to clean, color protect and whiten clothes so summer messes don’t stand a chance! No matter the temperature cycle, I just throw one of these into the drum of the washing machine and I’m good to go. I love that with Tide Pods I pay for clean, not for water.

My Top 3 P&G Products That Make Summer Clean-Up Easier

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Craft time no longer causes me to make like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser quickly wipes out dirt and grime with its water-activated MICRO SCRUBBERS! They allow me to make like Mr. himself and erase tough messes with ease. Since they’re safe on lots of surfaces (check out the back of the package) I can use them all over the house! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser reveals the clean underneath!

I don’t know how I’d make it through summer without the help of my team! If you need a team of your own, I suggest heading to Costco for P&G Household Needs products! It’s the little details in P&G Household Needs products that make them different from other brands, just like it’s the little details in summer that make it special and memorable!

*vs. 15% with the leading bargain brand, base variant. Like all detergents, keep out of reach of children



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