Summer Bucket List & Printable Activity Sheet – Fun With Kids!


Are you looking for inspiration for Summer fun? My kids are about to be released from the walls of school and they are looking forward to the Summer months. I’m looking forward to having them home, but there is a little anxiety about how they will stay entertained.

Working on your summer bucket list of things to do with the kids? Grab this free printable of 75 fun things to do on a budget!

Sometimes the best way to conquer boredom is to squash it before it starts. My kids and I thought a Summer activity checklist would be the perfect idea.

Here is a Summer Activity List for Kids that was made to squash boredom, make memories and leave them feeling like this was the best summer ever!

Working on your summer bucket list of things to do with the kids? Grab this free printable of 75 fun things to do on a budget!

Download the free printable here!

  1. Play in the Sprinkler
  2. Write letters to our friends and family, then mail them!
  3. Have a garage sale and set up a lemonade stand
  4. Nature walks – make a scavenger hunt out of it
  5. Go to the library
  6. Catch fireflies at night
  7. Go to the pool, again and again and again
  8. Go to the zoo
  9. Ride Bikes – this can even be with the whole family
  10. Visit the park and have a picnic
  11. Go camping in the backyard
  12. Bakecupcakes with mom!
  13. Cook smores over a firepit
  14. Attend a free kid’s workshop at Home Depot
  15. Go on a road trip
  16. Take a vacation
  17. Visit a theme park
  18. Plant a garden
  19. Go fishing
  20. Play in a sensory bin with shaving cream
  21. Build a waterpark in your backyard with PVC pipe
  22. Have a popsicle party with all of your neighbors
  23. Wash the car outside in the driveway
  24. Blow bubbles outside
  25. Visit the beach
  26. Play on a Springfree Trampoline!
  27. Make homemade ice cream in a bag
  28. Have BBQ get togethers with friends and family
  29. Play Frisbee
  30. Run through the sprinkler
  31. Have sleep overs with friends
  32. Make popsicle stick art
  33. Pick flowers and put them in a vase
  34. Make crafts with alphabet cereal
  35. Water balloon fights
  36. Make sock puppets
  37. Watch fireworks
  38. Go to the lake
  39. Make homemade play dough
  40. Make magazine collages of your favorite things
  41. Make an indoor sidewalk
  42. Create fairy jars and capture a fairy!
  43. DIY Sidewalk chalk and crayons
  44. Play on a slip and slide
  45. Go bowling or mini golfing
  46. Play hopscotch outside
  47. Attend a camp
  48. Join a little league sports team
  49. Take swim lessons
  50. Visit a children’s museum
  51. Jump at an indoor jungle gym when it’s too hot outside
  52. Work on grade appropriate workbooks
  53. Read a book
  54. Have Fun!
  55. Make pasta crafts and work on counting skills
  56. Play dress up
  57. Put together a puzzle
  58. Visit a farm
  59. Family movie night outside
  60. Eat watermelon
  61. Make milk carton boats and float them
  62. Go to a duck pond and feed the ducks
  63. Have a pillow sack race
  64. Have a splatter paint fight outside and then run in the sprinklers
  65. Put on a play
  66. Trace your shadow and decorate it
  67. Make homemade popsicles with the kids
  68. Play flashlight tag
  69. Ride paddle boats
  70. Visit an Aquarium
  71. Take pictures and create a photo album at the end of Summer
  72. Go garage sale shopping
  73. Plant sunflowers and watch them grow
  74. Fly a kite
  75. Have fun!

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