Summer Activities for Preschoolers


It is almost Summer Time again. Schools are getting ready to close, kids will be at home. So how about some fun summer activities to keep your preschoolers busy and active.

Here is a list of super fun activities that are practical, simple, great fun and don’t require you to invest much.

Summer Activities for Preschoolers

  • Planting a sapling

Get your kid in the garden with all his digging tools. Let your kid dig the mud and make a small 6inch deep pit. Hand him flower sapling or any other sapling. Let him/her put the sapling in the pit and cover it with mud and water it with his toy watering tool. Do remember to label that sapling with your kid’s name.

  • Water gun fight or Sprinkler fun 

    Kids love playing in water. All you need for this activity is a water gun or a sprinkler in the center of your garden. If you do not have a garden, water gun alone would do.

  • Bowling alley 

    Make your backyard or garden or your garage a Bowling alley. Give points to your kid every time he/she manages to hit.

  • How about a soccer game 

    Balls are kid’s best friend. You can set soccer net for goal. Teach your kid kicking the ball and scoring a goal.

  • Bubble catching 

    Just get a bubble machine and install it at a little height where kids can’t reach. Switch it on and see your kids enjoying his heart out catching the bubbles.

  • Car cleaning 

    You need a sponge, a small bucket of soapy water, and a clean wet cloth. Teaching your kid to soak the sponge in soapy water and rub and clean the car. Let him/her then wipe the soap with wet clean cloth. Click your kid while he is busy cleaning the car.

  • Board painting 

    You will need a big paper board and paints. Let your kid paint the board with a brush or let him/her use his little hands.

  • Making paper boat

    You require different colored craft paper and a toy pool filled with water. Help your kid to make a single boat or a double boat and set it to sail in the toy pool.
  • Shaking your booty in your living room 

    Download your kid’s favorite songs or rhymes and have a blast dancing and shaking a leg with your preschooler right in your living room. Do add some disco lights for extra fun effect.

  • Yoga class 

    Teach your kid simple breathing or balancing exercises. Kids enjoy doing fun exercises that include bending stretching and balancing on one leg.



  • Bake a cake


This is a great time to teach how to follow the instructions in order and work on counting. My children love to bake and feel like they are really helping out in the kitchen.

  • Craft activities 

    Simple craft activities are great for hot and rainy days. Pull out the finger paints, stickers, coloring books. If you have more time, the crafts can even get more involved with projects like painting a bird house, making stepping stones for the garden. Options are endless!