Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox


We received the new Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox from Step2 to review, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Winter has been long and cold, leaving us indoors for most of the days, and my children have become stir crazy!

Climbing on the furniture, running up and down the hallways, each passing day has made me grumble at the groundhog for getting our hopes up for an early Spring.

So we put together the Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox inside of our living room. The size wasn’t terribly big and this looked like a fun way to burn out some energy while waiting for it to warm up outside.


Step2 fun & sun climber and sandbox

Installation of the Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox

I can’t say that installation was a breeze. As with most toys of this nature, there is pounding involved and this is something that I’m not the best at doing. The bottom piece of the slide has to be hammered into the two standing supports. This seemed like an easy task, but really took the strength of my husband to get it done.

Once this piece was in place, the rest of the installation was easy peasy.

Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox

Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox Features

There is a great little activity feature that is positioned on the side of the slide. The green sandbox includes a drain plug making for an easy clean up. Since we were playing indoors, the sandbox was left empty and we turned it into a home for Andrea’s little knickknacks.

There are accessories attached to the side of the slide that allow you to cascade the sand down back into the sandbox. My little girl loves sand, but she loves water too. I see no reason why this sandbox couldn’t be used with water instead. It’s the best of both worlds really!

Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox

I’m not usually fond of “small slides” as they are quick to be grown out of. Andrea is on the smaller side and big slides are still intimidating for her. The Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox is a great transition slide and I’m glad that we gave it a try because she has been on it non stop since the day we put it together.

Though not intended for this, Andrea is a tippy toe walker and this slide has become great exercise for her tendons. Our physical therapist recommended to allow our children to walk up a slide, this helps to flex the foot up and keeps her tendons stretched out. I love finding multiple uses for awesome toys!

Now that the weather is finally starting to get nice, we are excited to move our Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox outside. Once the sandbox can be filled up, this toy will surely be a hit through the Spring time and Summer time months.

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Disclosure – Step2 sent us the Fun & Sun and Sandbox climber for the purpose of review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


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