How to Stay Warm When You’re Always Cold


I have a confession to make.

My marriage… it’s very hot and cold. Seriously. I know that every couple has their differences, but between my husband and I…. it’s as if we can’t find an inch of “warm” ground to stand on. It has to be one extreme or the other.

What’s the reason for our division, you ask?

Well… he’s the cold and I’m the hot. Yes… literally. If it was up to my husband my entire family would live in an igloo in which the rest of us would remain bundled up in heavy winter wear every single day and he would be sitting in shorts and a tank top enjoying every second of it.

How to Stay Warm When You're Always Cold

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit.

But the truth of the matter is, he likes to keep the house cold while I prefer it to be nice and warm and toasty. I can’t really blame him too much, considering how expensive it is to heat a home these days (did you know that over 40% of Amercans’ energy bills go towards home heating?!?!). While neither of us has learned to adapt to the other’s preferred temperature setting… we have found a resolution that we can both live with.

How to Stay Warm When You're Always Cold

Our solution came in the form of the De’Longhi Slim Style Panel Heater! The De’Longhi Slim Style Panel Heater is perfect for our dilemma! It allows you to effectively heat a single area, without changing the thermostat at all. Of course, safety is a huge concern, with our children being so young. The De’Longhi SafeHeat Technology makes the heater the perfect choice for us. It includes an automatic tip over “off” switch and thermal cutoff that prevents it from overheating. Not to mention it only takes up 3 inches of space!

How to Stay Warm When You're Always Cold


A compromise that leaves everyone feeling nice and comfy in our home! Considering the fact that the average heating cost of a 70-degree home is about $986, the $149.00 price of the De’Longhi Slim Style Panel Heater is super affordable. It also has an eco-function capability that saves energy for cost savings on your energy bill. Perhaps most importantly, it’s added a nice little “warm are” to this hot and cold marriage!

Are you all hot and cold in your home? How do you find a compromise?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DELONGHI. The opinions and text are all mine.