Staying Fashionable While Living in the MidWest #HTC8 #Troop8X



Winter time in the Midwest is always unpredictable. Last week it was cold enough to see snotsicles form from my kids noses, to today when it was 73 degrees out and no coats were needed.

So how do I stay fashionable while living the Midwest?

As a mom, I will be honest to say that my wardrobe consists mainly of tee shirts, jeans, and a few sweaters. I’m one of those moms who gets overly addicted to buying cute clothes for my kids, and then my closet gets neglected.

So needless to say my fashion sense isn’t where it should be.. I should be rocking my wardrobe! 30’s are the new 20’s, or something like that.. right?

My days consist of blogging, playing with the kids, speech therapy and behavioral therapy with my daughter, getting my oldest off to school, getting my youngest off to nap and by the time my husband comes home I’m exhausted. So I guess in the midst of things, my assumption is if my kids look cute and I’m holding my kids then I will look cute too. ha!


My little one is the pajama girl, she loves her socks that are pulled up to the knees and snug pajamas. We love the pajamas from Gymboree, they are so soft and of course I had to get them.. look at the monkeys!

playing outside

When outside, Andrea rocks the pink kitty hat, her polka dot jacket and her twinkle toe shoes. What outfit is complete without twinkle toe shoes!?

playing in snow

My 5 year old is the odd ball. He loves to play in the snow and dress himself. Andrew really doesn’t care what he looks like. Most days he will go to school rocking his Buzz Lightyear snow boots, his black camouflage coat and of course an Angry Birds hat. Nothing matches, but each piece has something about it that he loves. Works for him, it works for me.

weighted vest

This is me on most days, I feel okay and good in my skin. My little girl is still cute as can be even with her weighted vest on. I think we look good together! I feel good, we are all staying warm and hopefully with the warmer weather I will have a chance to accessorize my wardrobe a little more :)

At least if I can’t rock a fashionable wardrobe for the winter, I can have a cute phone!

How do you stay fashionable in the Winter time?

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