How to Start a College Fund for Your Child


Are you still working on your New Years resolutions? More exercise, save money, go on a diet. Most of us have planned one of those as our resolutions, if not now then sometime in the past. I admit, there might be one or two of those on my list too.

The New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start and if you didn’t make a resolution in December, it’s not too late. We all make resolutions that are personal to us and a good one to start is a financial goal to start a college fund for your child.

How to Start a College Fund for Your Child

A college fund for your child can start even before they are born. Country Financial is great with helping you learn more about the 529 plan and how you can do that.

But, even if you didn’t get that head start in your child’s life before they were born, it’s not too late to do that now. Starting a college fund now is a great thing to do, not only will it give you a fresh start with your resolutions it will also give your child a fresh start at life.

How to Start a College Fund for Your Child

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your college fund planning:

  1. Set specific goals – Figure your child’s age, how long you will be saving and how much you would like to end with. This will give you a very specific number to work towards when putting money into your 529 plan.
  2. Set a plan – Make contact with someone like Country Financial to get the details on a 529 plan, learn about the tax benefits and take the step to get a plan in motion.
  3. Measuring progress – Most people do well with visuals and like to be rewarded! Grab a journal, make some spreadsheets or whatever will work for you. Map out your savings plan and use a checkoff system each time you contribute into your child’s college fund.

We watch our children grow dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. My son wants to be a doctor and my girl isn’t quite sure. I do know that if my son follows those dreams, a college tuition is going to be a huge burden on him in the future. 

I love the idea of making this resolution, feeling accomplished and setting goals for giving my children a head start on college. Don’t you?

If you are ready to plan or need help with setting up a college fund for your child, check out the Country Financial website to learn more about how a 529 plan can help you plan for your child’s future!

Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Country Financial. All thoughts are my own.


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