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This warm winter weather really has me in the mood for Spring and Summer. Stores are stocking up with swim suits and my mind is on maxi dresses.

I’ve been looking for the perfect Maxi dress for this summer. It’s funny how this style goes in and out, a few years ago Maxi dresses were a huge thing in the celeb world, then they were gone and now they are back again.

Not sure what a Maxi Dress is?

Maxi dresses are long, flowy dresses, very girlie and elegant. Browse over at Freemans.com and you will get a better idea.

I love these dresses because they are the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe, they can be worn day or night, with wedges or sandals, and best part of all.. You can totally get away with not shaving your legs that day!

There are a few things that I look for when choosing a Maxi dress, such as colorful printed patterns and empire waistline. I’m a mom recovering from two c sections and these details can ultimately create a nice slimming effect.

While I didn’t think about it when I was pregnant, Maxi dresses would be perfect for expecting moms too! Because these dresses are so long you could get a Maxi dress and wear it for most of your pregnancy, maybe even all 9 months.

Winter has been so warm, I can only imagine how warm this summer will be. Maxi dresses will be great to keep you cool, stylish and ready for any occasion.

What’s your favorite spring and summer time clothing staple?


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