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Smoothie Popsicles | Summertime Toddler Snack Idea


It feels like summer here in Southern California! We’ve already pulled out the sprinkler, dug out the beach toys, and stocked up on sunscreen.

My daughter’s favorite summertime treat are popsicles but the thought of that much sugar water surging through her already energetic two-year old veins makes me cringe. My mother came up with the wonderful idea to make her smoothie popsicles!  They are a yummy but healthy alternative.

Smoothie Popsicles

Simply throw some of your favorite smoothie items in the blender and freeze in a reusable popsicle tray. I like to buy the frozen fruit bags in the freezer section, add in some juice (orange, apple, whatever is on hand), yogurt, and maybe a banana. Blend until it’s very pureed. I usually sample some to make sure it tastes good *wink* and then pour the rest into reusable popsicle trays. A few hours later you have a yummy summertime treat.

Smoothie Popsicles

I’ve even given her these smoothie popsicles on the days where she doesn’t want to eat much or when she’s feeling sick. She thinks it’s a treat and I feel good knowing she’s getting some nutrition in her little body.

What are some of your favorite summer time treats?


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Christina is a Southern California native and stay at home mother to 2 year old Katelyn and 6 month old Everett. Her hobbies include spending far too much time on the internet, sewing, crafting, reading, shopping, and all things photography.

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  • These would be a wonderful treat for the 100+ degree days in the desert. My boys would enjoy Strawberry, except for my 2nd son, who would go for blueberry.
  • I will have to make some for our 4 year old was over 100 in Northern California yesterday! He loves popcicles!
  • those sound so yummy. We have popsicle makers, but I never thought of making smoothie popsicles. Definitely on our to try list! We tried some with gummy bears in them off of pinterest, but my daughter hated them. She will probably love these. Thanks for the idea!
  • I'm glad to see people are still making popsicles in the freezer - with all these expensive machines on the market, I think some people don't realize that you can make them with very inexpensive equipment - so thanks for the reminder! :)
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