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I’m loving this Fall weather. The cool crisp air, leaves are changing colors and the opportunity to get outside is finally here. Bloggers everywhere are starting up their holiday gift guides and all I can think about is the piles of treats, cookies and food that will be put in front us during the holiday months.

So I consider this the transition from swim suit season to the season of eating and eating and eating. I’m looking for more ways to get active and have been actively watching what goes into my mouth. Why not take advantage of this beautiful weather? I can prepare my mind and body for the upcoming months by establishing healthier eating habits and moving my body. Maybe.. just maybe I can pre program my brain and then the holiday months won’t be so hard.

Isn’t that possible? I think so.

Smarter Snacking with Popsicle Sugar Free and Fat Free Varieties

My weakness is sweets and I can see the same weakness in my children. My goal isn’t to deprive myself or them of the things we love, like Popsicles, but to help us enjoy them by making smarter choices.

The last time we were at the store, instead of throwing high sugar treats into the cart, I picked up a few options from Popsicle that are both Sugar Free and Fat Free. Cherry, Orange, Grape and fudge… CHOCOLATE!

Smarter Snacking with Popsicle Sugar Free and Fat Free Varieties

This was my after dinner treat, the Fudgsicle Original Fudge Bar, and was only 100 calories. I absolutely love chocolate and this really hit the spot.

I think Popsicles and Fudgsicles are one thing that we purchase all year round, every week there is at least one box in our grocery cart. The kids don’t mind the Sugar Free Popsicles, actually my oldest has grown a little attached to the cherry ones.

Who says that Popsicles are only for Summer time treats? They are any time treats in our house!

Are you making changes in how you eat and how you stay active now that it’s Fall? I love to hear your comments below!

Stay tuned next month for some more fun ideas with Popsicle!

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