Six Months with the Littlest Monkey


M is just over six month old now! Adjusting to life with 2 little monkeys is a joyful challenge and I am loving it! She is sitting up like a champ and even pushing around in reverse in her attempts to crawl. The babbles are so adorable and her big brother likes to fill us in on what she’s “saying.”

baby girl

A couple weeks ago we started Baby Led Weaning with her and it has come so naturally to her. Her favorites are squash and peaches. We are having fun trying new foods and making messes! We did BLW with B when he was younger so feeding our baby real food is nothing new to us. Sometimes family members are still shocked to see a baby munching on a hunk of cantaloupe at the dinner table.

baby girl

At a wedding this past weekend she was so happy and content. We got so many comments from people that she was so well behaved and her smile contagious.

Finding ways to keep her busy is a bit of a challenge. She’s not quite old enough to play with B much. She’s so captivated by books and loves to be read to. She likes to be where the action is which is helpful because with a brother that’s almost 3 there is always action!

baby girl


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Chantal is a mom to a 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and a new little one born in 2014. She lives in Maine, where she enjoys photography, writing, and traveling.

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