Six Flags St. Louis : Theme Park Review


Six Flags St Louis

On Saturday, May 28, 2011 our family went to Six Flags St. Louis, which is about 40 miles or so west of St. Louis city, for a Memorial Day getaway.  

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Six Flags St Louis


The weather was overcast and there was a 60% chance of rain throughout the day.  Luckily it did not rain and wasn’t too hot or unbearable.  We proceeded to the main gate where we were greeted by metal detectors and security guards who searched our bags.  I like the fact that this park has the extra security at the front gate.  We did not have to wait in line to get tickets since we purchased season passes online.  We were greeted with moderate crowds, so wait times for rides would be minimal today.

The first ride we hit after entering the park was Pandemonium.  This is a small spinning rollercoaster with a height requirement of 42 inches.  None of my kids were tall enough to ride so our friends and I rode. The wait was around 15 minutes.  

Pandemonium : Six FlagsPandemonium : Six FlagsPandemonium : Six Flags

Our next stop was Bugs Bunny National Forest which features family and kid’s rides.  Andrew and Vanessa rode a couple of rides before Andrew started to look a little green.


The next ride we went on was the River King Mine Train.  Andrew was not tall enough so Danielle, Vanessa, and I took a spin.  This is a more mild rollercoaster with three lift hills and a tunnel at the end.  Inside is a small drop that surprises first time riders.  The wait for this ride was 0 minutes.

River King Mine Train : Six FlagsRiver King Mine Train : Six FlagsRiver King Mine Train : Six Flags

By this time the adults were looking for some bigger rides so we ventured over to the Ninja.  The Ninja is a steel looping rollercoaster that features four inversions.  A lot of people say the ride is rough but I don’t see that.  I think it’s an enjoyable ride.  The wait for this one was 0 minutes.


Next on the list was Batman the Ride.  This rollercoaster’s trains hang from the track like ski-lift chairs and take 5 inversions in speeds up to 50 mph.  The official ride style is classified as an inverted rollercoaster.  The wait for this ride was five minutes.  The seating is unique in that you sit four across instead of the traditional two across.  The ride pulls 4-G’s and is more on the intense side, but still provides a very smooth ride.

Batman The Ride : Six FlagsBatman The Ride : Six FlagsBatman The Ride : Six Flags

The final rollercoaster of our day at Six Flags St. Louis was the American Thunder wooden rollercoaster.  Out of three wooden rollercoasters at the park, this was the only one we had a chance to ride on this trip.  I can only speak of past experiences with the other two woodies, but this one in my opinion is the best in the park.  For a wooden rollercoaster, it is incredibly smooth and re-ride able.  This ride is all about curves, with a limited amount of straight sections.  Airtime is present no matter what seat you sit in.  We chose the back seat for this ride.  The wait was about 10 minutes.

American Thunder : Six FlagsAmerican Thunder : Six FlagsAmerican Thunder : Six Flags

Overall we enjoyed our day at Six Flags St. Louis and look forward to going back soon

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6 thoughts on “Six Flags St. Louis : Theme Park Review

  • July 17, 2011 at 12:04 pm
    I love Six Flags! All of those rollercoasters look like so much fun! Reply
  • July 15, 2011 at 7:50 am
    I LOVE rollercoasters! We used to have a six flags here by us too, but it was sold so it is still an amusement park, just not Six Flags. YES, wooden rollercoasters are my favorite!! Looks like you had a great time. :) Reply

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