Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products


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As part of our Spring Cleaning efforts, organizing the kitchen was at the top of my to-do list. We had children’s art work stacked in a pile, magnets hanging all over the fridge, we were missing appointments from not being organized and our problem wasn’t getting better.

My son started kindergarten this year and I had no idea how much paper work he would be bringing home, at least 4-5 sheets every day! He would be upset when his artwork would get buried under bills, get thrown into the trash and I was losing my mind with the mess in my kitchen.

Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products

The Home Collection is the first comprehensive line of unique Post-it Brand, Scotch Brand and Command Brand products designed to provide busy families with simple solutions that fit into their day-to-day lives.

My biggest problem was the artwork, so we hung up a Post-it Grip Display Rail on an empty wall in our kitchen. The Post-it Grip Display Rail can hang anywhere with the Command picture hanging strips and will allow you to tuck artwork in from the top or from the bottom, giving you endless options for display.

We decided to clean up the artwork that we could, keeping 4-5 pieces. I hung those pieces up on the wall and we decided to change it out every week with their most favorite pieces brought home from school. The kids are thrilled to see their artwork hanging up and I’m thrilled to finally have a solution to our mounds of school work on the counters.

Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products

The fridge was our next biggest problem, we decided to tackle it with several Post-it Products.

The Post-it Planner & Perforated List Pad is perfect for meal planning and to-do lists. The Post-it Dry Erase Planner is my favorite, with its low profile design and visibility to keep me organized with weekly appointments and schedules.

The Post-it Magnet Grip Discs are the perfect replacement to magnets, allowing you to easily hang bills, coupons, menus and other items that you need to access regularly.

We hung up a small and medium sized Command Clear Caddy, they are great for holding pens, dry erase markers and other little things that often get lost in your “junk drawers”. These aren’t just for the fridge, you can hang these anywhere on a variety of surface types.

The Scotch Restickable Display Strip is great for displaying pictures! We get pictures all the time from nieces and nephews, they all ended up underneath magnets on the fridge. This pre-cut strip is removable, washable, reusable and won’t stain your walls.

Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products

Speaking of pictures laying everywhere, what do you do with wallets?

Grab a Post-it Display Card, and stick your wallets in there to display them as a collage! These come with removable mounting squares to help stick them to smooth surfaces, I personally didn’t add them because they are fun to move around.

Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products

My daughter is in early childhood, she is three years old and has a speech delay. I love these Post-it Reminder Tags that can be attached to her backpack for quick notes to the teacher. Sometimes I need to tell her about something in the backpack, or tell her how potty training is going or even remind her about an early pick up. These will come in handy!

Simple Solutions to Organize Your Life from Post-it Products

And last but not least.. the inside of our cupboard had school calendars taped in, phone numbers for school and every time I opened the door they would fall out. This Post-it View and Go Pocket is perfect for organizing in your cupboards.

They come in large and medium sizes, perfect for take-out menus, recipes, receipts and in my case, school papers. Easily mounted to the cabinet and I don’t have to take it down to get papers out.

The Home Collection by Post-it Brand, Scotch Brand and Command Brand can help remind, plan and display items that need attention or bring a smile to your day. When everything’s organized and easy to find, you can take those moments of time you spent searching to enjoy your family.

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